Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 10th, 2015: Working with Investigators

Karter:  I do! I still have it! It's pretty much exactly like you said.  I use it walking through the jungle at night.  It works well. 
Seth:  haha.  It was kind of bad in Culasi just because I was one of the first white men they've ever seen, but here, the members are pretty used to having American missionaries.  
Dad:  To be honest, Filipino people don't read at all unless they have to.  
Brevin:  The hottest it's got here in about 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity which is basically the definition of hot.  
I've had a great week again.  It has rained a lot here this week though.  We had a storm go through, but it was far from us.  We just got a lot of rain.  It's kind of funny though because when it comes to rain, Filipinos are such wimps. They can't get wet.  I'm fine with getting wet, as long as my scriptures don't get wet. haha. 
So, this week, I did a bit of traveling.  We had MLC in Iloilo again and then I did a couple days of splits, so I didn't spend a lot of time in New Washington this week.  I was pretty exhausted too because most of the days I woke up early to get traveling.  MLC was great again.  Learned some great lessons.  Elder Beticon and I were asked to give a training again for the second time in a row, we trained together though this time on stress, our assigned topic. It was kind of fun.  It was the first time I gave a training with my companion.  
I spent a day in Ibajay this week to do a baptismal interview.  It was a lot of fun to walk around in the mountains and get wet in the rain again.  The interview was a little interesting though. I interviewed a 35 year old man and I noticed there was a something a little off about him and he told me that he had epilepsy, but he was still completely capable, but he actually ended up telling me that he had killed someone before, which was a little unexpected.  It kind of took me off guard.  I had to ask the question three times because I was a little taken off guard.  Anyways, it was a while back and somebody had drugged his drink and he ended up killing somebody, but I was really impressed with his faith in Christ and his understanding of the gospel.  We had to write a letter to the first presidency to see what we should do, but I think that they will allow him to recieve the ordinance of baptism.
Oh this is kind of for John and Connor and Dad, but last night in a lesson the song rhinestone cowboy came on in one of the next door houses.  It was a crazy moment in my head because I had totally forgotten that song and then I heard it and so many memories just came back from youth dances and listening to it in the choir room haha. It's such an epic song.  I kind of started grinning in the lesson and everybody was looking at me weird haha.  #LikeaRhinestonecowboy
We were supposed to have a baptism this last Saturday, but unfortunately our investigator got kicked out of her house because she was listening to us, so she went to Manila.  Her family is way nice to us when we are there, but apparently when they aren't there they say a lot of bad stuff about the church and really don't want their daughter to join the church just because it looks bad for their family if she becomes Mormon, but she said she doesn't care what other people think, but anyways she called us this week from Manila telling us that her parents made her go to Manila.  We were kind of bummed to here that, but it really doesn't matter where she gets baptized.  It's the same gospel and same church.  We are just happy that she was able to overcome her persecutions.  
We have kind of been losing a lot of our work because of persecution, but at the same time, the Lord has been blessing us by putting a couple people of families in our path that have of been prepared this week.  
And I don't really have any requests for the package. You guys have made some great judgement calls until now.  Thanks!
A big hello to Hannah and Karter and their family as well!
Elder Robertson

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