Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23rd- Getting Use to a New Area and the Case of the Stolen Identity

I have had another great week, but before I write about it, I'll answer your questions. 
Dad, I don't know if I have a favorite scripture.  What I've done to help me use the scriptures more effectively is in my first like month and half.  I read and marked the Book of Mormon.  I marked it in a way that I thought would best help me in using the Book of Mormon in prosyliting and also in learning more about missionary work.  I have all the scriptures that I think are effective in some way or another to share to investigators marked in Blue, so I carry that around with me.  If I can't  remember where a scripture is, it is a lot easier to find it.  We use the Book of Mormon in every lesson we have.  
Mom, the weirdest fish I've eaten is maybe that trigger fish I ate in Valderamma. I think I sent a picture to you.  I honestly didn't eat that much seafood in Culasi, but I'm already eating a lot more here in New Washington.  Roxas is the seafood capital of the Philippines and we are pretty close to that.  We did eat some squid this week.  Fresh squid. Like, I think they were still living when we bought them in the market.  
Chloe, the most common tree here, hands down, is the coconut tree. There are coconut trees everywhere.
Oliver, my favorite color is maybe green.  I don't know.  
Connor, what does that even mean?
So, my new area is pretty good.  I will say that I for sure liked Culasi better.  My area is pretty small and there have been missionaries here.  Tracting here is kind of challenging.  It is like tracting people that have never seen us before vs. people who have already been tracted 2 or 3 times.  People here are just a lot different than in Culasi. I would describe them as "more American like."  I have already had a bunch of people just straight up tell us no, which never happened to me once in Culasi.  I always said to myself in Culasi that I wish people would be frank with us if they didn't want to be taught, but now that it is happening, I liked it better back there haha.  Sometimes people will just walk away while we're talking to them.  It's so weird haha.  The members here are all super nice though.  And, no, I do not have any batchmates in my zone, its just me!
Our apartment is a million times better than in Culasi.  I don't have any pictures this week, but it's a big step up.  Like, we actually have a closed roof.  We have no wholes in the wall.  We have real windows.  It's a lot bigger.  And we have a shower! And it has decent water pressure! It's still cold, but it's a big step up. I'll send pictures next week. 
Oh, by the way, Happy BIRTHDAY!  I remembered when I was dating my journal yesterday haha.  The same exact thing happened on dad's birthday.  I hope you had a great day!  Thanks for all the support you give me on my mission!
I'll just write about one thing.  Elder Gan has been telling everybody that I am the actor in the Restoration video.... and people actually believe him.  I've been asked for autographs and pictures.  It's ridiculous. On my first day, we visited the Bishop's wife and Elder Gan told her that I was the actor and she flipped out.  I just went along with it, but after a while it got ridiculous.  She was asking me questions about the scene shooting and everything.  My first Sunday at church she came up to me asked me about my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith while I was shooting the film.   I just told her that we were just joking, and she got offended.  It was bad.  Our relationship is still a little shaky haha, but she is coming around.  She just got so excited and it's like I ripped her soul out haha.   It was bad haha. 

Since Stuart is living with three Filipinos that know how to cook, he's totally feasting, which he is thrilled about. He says they use the banana leaves as plates and just eat with their fingers. He says it's "legit".

Trying oysters

This little guy just walked right into Stuart's apartment.

He says this man is about 75 years old and has been making these wrappers for 50 years. Stuart says this is a crappy job because with working with the coals it gets so hot. This man works 12 hour days, early in the morning and then late at night so he can avoid the heat of the day. Stuart thinks this man deserves a medal!

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