Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th- Happy Birthday, Elder Robertson and the Flying Cookie

So, I'll send you an email.  My hands are already tired from typing because I was surprised at how many people sent me an email this week.  People from the community, from church, family.  It was really nice of them.
Mom: Have you had to choke down any disgusting foods while eating at a members house? And how do you handle situations like that? I haven't had too many bad situations like that.  The food is overall very good, but I remember in Culasi this one lady fed us these cookies and after one bite, I realized that it was super moldy.  She was just talking our ear off.  I was sitting by the door with it to my back.  And then I directed her attention behind her and then chucked it out the door. The funny part was that the 6 year old boy caught me and he wanted to tell his mom so bad and I was signaling to him to not tell her.  haha.  Just the look on his face though at first was so funny.  
Dad:  Do Filipinos have frosting on their birthday cakes? Yeah, cakes here are pretty normal, they have a little different taste though. 
Connor: Have you heard about the new season of The Office with the original cast?Um no, we don't really here much on missions. (*A trick question from Connor to mess with Stuart*)
Matt Bluett:  How much pineapple do you eat on an average day?  Some days we will just buy a pineapple sliced up and eat it while walking.  A whole pineapple here costs maybe 30-40 pesos or a little less than a dollar.
About the foot insole thing.  I don't really have any excessive ankle pain.  It's kind of more stiff when I exercise. I kind of feel like it has healed itself over except in a bad way, like a callus or something.  I don't know how to describe it.  There isn't a lot of pain but it is stiff and not natural.  Anyways, it's fine don't worry.  Just if you talk to a doctor. 
I think that I will spend 6 months in New Washington, just like Culasi.  That's what it is looking like, but I think Elder Beticon will transfer in July to go to a new area in Buruanga.  The work is going really well right now though.  It looks right now that we might have about 8 baptisms in our area in July.  We have a lot of really cool investigators right now. I really enjoy visiting them.  These are investigators that I have good relationships with too.  I'm excited to be able to stay in touch with my converts after the mission too.  I'll make sure that they are faithful! haha. 
With the thing about the anti-mormon mission.  My area right now is actually considered one of the hardest areas in the mission because its what we call a circle of faith.  There are so many different churches and a lot of them are very active in missionary work as well.  I have had so many people that approach us and just want to bash and tell us all of the evils we do as missionaries and why our church is false and honestly it has been a big testimony builder for me just because of how foolish they sound haha.  It must be really hard for people here though to listen to us because they just see us as another sect among many.  It is a lot easier to see how true the church is once you have already accepted it and studied the scriptures.  I don't judge people though.  I think about where I would be if I was born into a different family, not of our faith.  I feel very blessed to have been born into the situation that I have. 
I'll tell you guys one of the funny/embarrassing things that happened to me.  We were going to ride a jeep to go to Kalibo and all of the drivers are sitting there and they love to talk to us Americans and use their English.  One says to me, "Hey, Mr. Elder, you have your fly there is open!"  And everybody was laughing.  Anyways, yeah, my fly was down.  It was just funny with this guy who can't speak English well.  Anyways, you had to be there.  
 I hope you all have a great week!
Cute boy, ugly tie!

Popular dish: dried fish with vinegar dipping sauce

Ward Activity

Elder Tracy and Stuart trying to squeeze into a trike

Some of Stuart's favorite people

Out and about with the youth to help them with the work

A few minutes to relax in the hammock.  That's got to feel good!

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