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June 22nd, 2015: First Filipino Wedding and Father's Day Flowers

Hey guys!
I have had a lot of fun this week!  On Thursday we got to go to Tangalan to attend a wedding of an investigator and a member.  It was pretty cool because right after they were married the investigator was baptized.  It was a really big day for them!  The wedding was so funny though.  In attendance was 6 missionaries, the couple missionaries, the Branch President and one counselor, a couple members, the father of the bride, two little kids (ring bearer, and flower girl) and that's it.  haha. It was kind of sad, but it seemed like I was the only one who thought so.  I don't know.  It was my first Filipino wedding.  Then there was a lot of other things like "branchy" moments, but maybe my favorite was the Holy Bible was a Book of Mormon with white paper scotch taped over the cover haha.  It was awesome.  The Branch President gave a whole hour talk on the power of procreation and why we need to make families.  It actually started out way awkward for obvious reasons, but he made a nice comeback, except for the fact that it was over an hour and we were only like 15 in the congregation. 
Oh, I wrote this down so I wouldn't forget it because it was so funny, but I was talking to this one man on the street and he asked me, completely seriously if J.R. Smith was the founder of our church.  hahahaha.  I laughed so hard! I'm pretty sure you know who that is, the NBA all-star player.  hahah.  Too funny.  That might be my favorite weird thing that I've got about the church yet.  President and Sister Aquino and the AP's came up to Kalibo this week and did interviews with our zone.  It was actually really nice because last time, in Antique, Elder Coronel and I got the chastisement of a lifetime from sister Aquino because we didn't bring our 72 hour kits.  It was brutal, but this time it was nice.  We did companionship interviews with each of them and because Elder Beticon was assigned in the office, he has a pretty good relationship with all of them.  President gave us an assignment though to scout out Caticlan, which is the area by Boracay!  We have to figure out how big the area is, find potential apartments and find out how many members are living in the area, and there are actually quite a few members living in Boracay and they would all go to church in Caticlan when it is opened, so I'm not sure, but we might have to go to Boracay haha!  We will see.  
Yay.. just got your email haha.  I've been wondering if you guys forgot about me haha! joke.  Yeah, but I just want to throw a big Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers over there in America, especailly to my dad. You're the best!  I actually have a funny story for you guys.  Yesterday at the end of Priesthood class, the primary came in a did a surprise presentation for all of the dad's and then after gave out flowers.  I seriously had 3 kids give me flowers and wish me a happy father's day.  None of the other 3 other Elders, just me.  I don't know if they think I'm a father or what but it was kind of cute and funny.  Everybody was calling me Tatay (father) Robertson.
Just for the record, I haven't heard of any shark attacks here. 
I'm glad you guys are enjoying the weather there because me, not so much.  It is raining a lot and it is soo humid.  Just ridiculous.  I sweat so much haha.  

Oh, I'm actually running out of journal paper.  Maybe you can talk to Papa.  I remember him saying before I left that if I ran out just to let him know.  

Dad: how many miles do you walk in a week?  I think the most walking that I've done was in Culasi.  I would say that maybe 40 miles is my highest.  Right now though we kinds of have a nice schedule where we aren't walking a lot.  We have groups of investigators where they live close together.  Elder Tracy and I had a day where I know we walked 16 miles.  That was a rough day haha. 
Mom:  I need a funny story... Read above about JR Smith haha so funny.  
Paul: do you think you you still run a fast mile? I don't think so.  I was wondering, but I really can't do any running unless my companion is on board.  I would say that honestly I probably could only run a 5:30 mile.  
Seth: do you play the center when you play basketball (hehe) and do you remember the last basketball game you played against his uncle? Yeah I pretty much play center.  It's fun.  I get a lot of blocks and rebounds haha.  And I do remember that game at the youth club.  Good times. 
Kayden: Joe Bruno's and his mom were asking how you are. (Kayden ran in the Summer Solstice yesterday with him)  You can tell them that I'm doing great haha.  That's nice of them to ask though. 
Lisa: are Packers famous over there? No
Steph: are there sports there that are not here in America? It mostly just basketball here.  Like, that's it.  But there is a little bit of volleyball and a game called sipac-tacra (sp?)  but I've played it once in gym I know.  But it's like soccer and tennis combined.  It's really hard haha. 

The housemates.

Girl on far left is in their ward and just got a mission call to another mission in the Philippines.  The other girl is waiting to get baptized but she's going to get married first.

New convert, Carla, who is now going to seminary,  Stuart is so excited for her.

Stuart and Elder Beticon with a girl they're fellowshipping, name Love Joy.  Love her name!!

The "Guapo", Elder Beticon

They had a combine birthday party for Stuart and another girl on their ward.  How nice!

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