Monday, July 27, 2015

July 13th, 2015: A Family Built on Gospel Principles is the Way to Be Happy!

It's ok for the email because honestly I feel like this is going to be a bad letter. My mind is totally blank from this last week. I feel like now, I've emailed you guys about a lot of stuff, nothing really new.  Just new people.  I've been trying to keep a list of things during the week that maybe you guys would like to hear about, but I always forget!  
I am actually really interested to hear the story of Kayden getting pulled over haha. 
So, let's see.  We had a couple families go to the temple this week from our ward.  Our stake set it's record for most people going on the temple trip, so it's been pretty exciting.  This last week and the week before at church, everything was temple related, the talks, lessons, and the stake leaders lately have really been pushing hard for members to get serious about going to the temple.  The two families came home this week after a five day temple trip(you should all be grateful how available the temple is, even though it's far for America) and bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting, and the spirit was really strong.  They were telling us how emotional their family sealing was after all of the trials that have come in their life and their journey in the gospel and this family has also lost two children while they were still young.  It's a really good feeling to have the spirit confirm to you that families really can be together forever.  I feel lucky to have gone to the temple a bunch of times before I came over here.  I know of the peace and strong spirit that is inside the temple.  It was a nice reminder for me though to make sure that I am focusing on the temple in the way I do my work here. 
By the way, I haven't chewed off my fingernails for a week now!!!  Elder Tracy while on splits, were talking to this family for the first time and some of the girls were doing manicure things and then gave us one.  We just talked to them while they fixing our nails or whatever is the purpose of it, and anyways, they made a big deal of how short my fingernails were so I committed to stop biting them if the promised to read the Book of Mormon haha
We met a less active family for the first time this week.  We went to their house and there was one 18 year old girl and a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old girl.  We asked them who all lives in their house and it's just those 3.  The girl with her two nieces.  Their mom works in Manila and is too busy for the kids.  The mom is divorced from the husband.  The mother of the 18 year old girl only comes home every couple of months because she works about an hour away.  The father is dead.  Anyways this 18 year old girl is so nice and polite to us, but it's really just a sad situation.   It's kind of one of those times where she is telling us all of this and I'm speechless because I am so blessed to have the family I do, and I really have no idea what these people are going through.  I don't know how they feel because it is so unfair that this girl has to raise these two girls with no family support or anything.  Anyways, we shared with them a message and invited them to church and the next day, there they were, 45 minutes early, all dressed up going to church, and the feeling I had a walked in there and saw them sitting in the chapel was a really really good feeling.  I guess why that girl wasn't going to church was just because she probably thought that everybody forgot about her.  All she really needed was for somebody to show interest in her life and to just be a friend.  All I know is that a family built on gospel principles is the way to be happy.
Also, by the way, transfer day is this week.  There is a chance that I get transferred but I calculate the chances of that happening as not likely haha.  I'm almost positive I'll stay here another transfer, but I'll make sure to let you know where I am next week. 
I'm talking with Elder Tracy and we can't really think of anything funny to send home, but I just have to quote his email lol "Nothing funny this week, just still wiping with my hand" hahaha.  too funny.  Don't think I'm depressed though of anything.  We laugh a LOT and have a lot of fun, there's just a lot of moments where you'd have to be there.  
That's about all I got.  Halong kamo permi!
Elder Robertson

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