Friday, July 10, 2015

July 6th, 2015: Explanation of Why They Lived Off Nature and Going on Lots of Spilts

Questions from the family:
Dad: Do the Filipino people like smoothies? If so, what are popular or weird flavors?  Yeah, there are a lot of smoothie places where they will just blend up some fresh fruit for you.  Popular flavors, um buko(coconut), banana, and Pineapple.  Other weird flavors, ube, which is a purple root potato thing, pandan, which is this leaf, yeah, they have normal flavors too, but it is usually artificial flavoring
Mom: Remember you used to always make ice water every morning? Do you use ice in the Philippines? Do people their like ice in their drinks?  What I do now is I have a 1.5 L water bottle where I will freeze half of it in the night, and then it is ready in the morning.  And yes, people usually actually like to put ice in their drinks, but they don't do it a lot because ice is kind of expensive here if you do it all of the time. (most people don't have a fridge or a freezer) Chloe: What is the most popular video game?Well, people don't have any video game consoles here so they just play cell phone games or computer games. League of Legends or whatever that game that Connor played is big here.  Also, Clash of clans on cellphone.   it's big.
Lacy: How far do you travel on average each day. And do you usually walk?  Maybe we travel 10 miles a day, most of which is tricycles unless we are tracting, then it's a lot of walking.  My area right now though is very small, so we don't walk too much.  Culasi though, we walked a whole bunch hahah
So, the thing with us living off of nature.  We had a couple things that happened that were expensive which ruined our budget, like our gas for our stove ran out, which doesn't happen that often and it's expensive.  Then we had MLC twice in one month, so we had to take two trips to Iloilo, so that was expensive, and then I live with two missionaries that are really not good at budgeting their money, so we ran out about a week short.  I could have used personal money, but I would have felt bad or ended up paying for the other two because they don't have any personal money, and I would never deny an adventure, so yeah haha. 
I heard that Boyd K. Packer died this week.  I couldn't believe it.  That's two apostles now that have died.  Do we know who are their replacements yet?
Anyways, we had another really fun week.  We did splits two days this week.  One day, I worked in Makato with two other Elders and the other day I worked in New Washington with Elder Paulite.  I really enjoyed working in Makato though.  It was fun to get out in the "bukid" again or out in the sticks.  Crossing rivers, muddy areas in the rain, climbing mountains haha.  They are teaching some cool people and we had the opportunity to give quite a few blessings.  
Sorry, my letter is short this week, but this computer is driving me nuts!  It won't work.  Better luck next week haha!  

Mayor of New Washington...a pretty jolly guy!

Waiting for the brown out to be over

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