Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27th, 2015: Combined Zone Conference and the USS Mercy

I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures from Utah.  I'm just a little jealous... haha.  Actually I really wish I could have been there!  The pictures looked fun!  I also really wish I could have been at the cabin sacrament meeting.  That just sounds    If possible too, if the kids are going to Nauvoo this week, if you guys could take some pictures of that too, that would be awesome!
And yes, Gary and I did get to go to the SLC temple, which I'm really glad we did before I went in.  It's like every Filipino member's goal to go to that temple someday haha, and then I can tell them how awesome it is.  
I had a action packed week this week.  One Wednesday, we had a combined zone conference with Roxas in Roxas city.  It was great except for the fact that we had to get up at 2:30 am and do a bunch of traveling.  I was dead for a whole 3 days after.  We rented two vans for our zone.  We planned to leave the terminal at 4:30, but the thing is, as soon as we got to the vans I was crashed and next thing I know, we were already on the road.   We got to Roxas 1 and a half hours early, which President Aquino was thrilled about (He really hates when meetings start late) but I wasn't so thrilled because that meant I could have slept for an extra hour and a half haha.  But, a couple minutes before the meeting started one of our companionships walked in and my stomach kind of dropped because I knew that we had left them in Kalibo.  I felt pretty bad, but I was just so tired, that I couldn't think when we were leaving and they said they were like 30 minutes late.  Anyways, they were there before the meeting started.  
We had a guest speaker at conference who is in the American military.  He is the head of worship (from what I understand his job is to make sure that everyone who works on the boat can worship in whatever religion they are on Sunday) on a boat called the USS Mercy.  The USS Mercy is a big white boat that goes around the world and gives free hospital services to countries where people aren't really given services like that.  Anyways, its really cool.  He was a good speaker too though.  He had a cool conversion story too. At first he was really against the church and didn't believe in God, but because he really liked a Mormon girl, he investigated the church and got baptized.  He spoke to us on obedience, but usually in this mission, if missionaries know that the topic is obedience they will just plug their ears, but he did it really well.  I learned a lot. and the other missionaries liked it a lot.   
I just worked with Elder Lafaele, from New Zealand, in his area Buruanga.   Buruanga is a brand new area, but it is so beautiful.  I loved it. 
Just to let you know, Christmas has officially started here.  We sang Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting.  hahah.  It's July.  
Other funnies... I just found out today that Elder Tracy has been taking bucket showers ever since he got here.  He never knew that both the shower heads worked.  He just assumed that they were broken.  Until now, he still can't get over the fact that he has been taking bucket showers for over 3 months for nothing.  LOL. I'm still giggling from that.  
Yesterday at church, our lesson was about Personal responsibility or something like that and we got on the topic of male vs female roles in the home.  It was so bad, but so funny because all of the men here are just saying that a woman's responsibility is to just clean the house and cook food and the women were saying it's not like that.  Basta, Elder Tracy and I were laughing so hard because some of the members just don't know when to cap it.  Nobody was seriously offended thankfully, but I did have a good laugh.  
I also got a good laugh in priesthood meeting too.  Elder Beticon was walking in a little bit late because he was talking to someone in the hall way and right as he was walking in, a little six-year old boy was running out, who is not the best-behaved.  As the kid was running out he just jumps up and punches Elder Beticon right in the mouth.  Elder Beticon didn't see the kid run out, so he was just so shocked.  The look on Elder Beticon's face was just so much shock and pain.  Oh man, I laughed so hard.  Only me and another guy saw it and we were both dying with laughter.  Yesterday up until now, I just keep getting the giggles replaying it in my head.  
Sadly, yes, I chewed my nails off again :(.  We were playing a card game on P-day, and it got intense and next thing I know, I had chewed them off haha.   I'm going at it again though! 
Well, that's about all I got today.  Have a great week!

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