Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 13th, 2015- Meeting baby, Lil Wayne and Investigator Committing to Sabbath Day Observance

So, we are in Tigbauan right now, but we headed down to Iloilo in just a short bit to go party!  I heard that there was a typhoon too, but it barely touched here.  It rained for like 5 minutes.  

So, I just have a quick funny story, we contacted this inactive member this week for the first time.  The branch has kind of been trying to reach out to them, and they asked us if we would pay them a visit.  They are a broken family, so the father is out of the picture, but she just had a kid the last month and so she just had her oldest son pick the name.  The babies name is Lil Wayne Ruel.  LIL WAYNE haha.  I laughed so hard, and then the Nanay was asking me what was so funny and I realized that she had no idea who was that was.  That what you get when you let an 18 year old boy name a kid.  hahah

One of our investigators came to church this week.  We had a lesson with him this week on Sabbath Day observance, and he wouldn't commit to live the Sabbath Day because it's kind of a thing here where people here think that only rich people go to church because they are the ones who can afford to go to church on Sunday.  This investigator fishes in the mornings and then feeds his cows, and then fishes again on Sunday.  He told us that it was impossible for him to not work on Sunday, but Sunday morning rolled around.  He was a little late, but yep, he showed up.  I was kind of shocked.  He just told us that he felt guilty from what we said and said that on Saturday, he had prepared some grass for his cows to eat, and decided not to go fishing and to go to church, so it was kind of cool.  Usually if an investigator doesn't commit in the lesson, you can guarantee they will not do that, but the spirit worked on this man, and I think that he will really be blessed for his decision.  

And we still have no news on the christmas call.  Our mission is really kind of bad at letting us know ahead of time what will happen.  I don't know if they do that just to make sure we aren't thinking too much about it or what, but anyways. 

I think that's all that I got time for today.  I just sent a whole bunch of pictures, hopefully you got them all.  

Elder Robertson

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