Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 20th. 2015- Mission Christmas Party

Hey!  So, this has been a really fun week!  Christmas conference was so crazy.  All of the missionaries came down. It was fun to see them all at one time.  President Aquino gave his opening remarks and said that whatever happened today stays here, so I don't really know how much of it we are supposed to talk about it haha. I love President Aquino.  Elder Larson and Elder Swanton were MC.  They did such a good job.  It was definitely a party.  The second day though was spiritual.  A couple missionaries put together a small play that did a good job of capturing the spirit of Christmas.  Then we had a small devotional where some missionaries spoke and then Sister and President Aquino.  Their testimonies of Jesus Christ are so strong and powerful.  They really are great role models.  President Aquino started crying during his testimony and he doesn't cry very often, and I was sitting in the front row and then all I can hear behind me is sniffling noses.  haha. It was kind of funny but I can't deny myself that I shed a couple man tears as well haha.  The whole thing was really awesome.
That drum corp competition that I told you guys about is OVER!  Thank goodness.  Those two days of the competition we literally had nobody to visit except at night, so those were kind of long days of tracting, but at least it's over now.
I feel like though that this year, I've really caught the spirit of Christmas.  I just feel really good even though the work is kind of slow.  People are busy.  But, I just feel really calm and just happy.  I've really also took some time to reflect on the atonement of Christ.  I feel such gratitude right now for him and for his sacrifices.  
I am really enjoying this Christmas.  I won't write too big of a letter because wee will be talking for a while on Friday.  

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