Sunday, January 3, 2016

October 18th, 2015- Keeping the Faith

How'd you find out about the Guimaras boat thing?  That's pretty sad though.  I wonder if any members were on the boat.  Those boats are basically like water taxis though.  They wait at the port for people to come and when the boat fills up with passengers, it leaves.  And, no, they don't have life jackets.  

Yeah, but that member missionary thing.  I don't know.  The past Elders here just kind of gave a half-hearted effort and I think that the members just needed their faith restored in the missionaries.  Elder Gomez and I have spent a lot of time at the drawing board, just discussing and planning for this area, but I think the best effect from that was that the members really just saw that we were giving an extra effort and really care about their branch.  We have been getting a steady flow of referrals.  

I don't even know who President Livingston is.  I guess he replaced President Dunford?  

That's too funny.  Man they can't drive haha.  Coming in too hot.  How did he knock out 5 posts?!  Is there snow already?  haha wow.  and Chloe Bair hitting a parked car square on?  hahahaha.  Oh man.  Was Daniel mad? 

So this week went pretty well!  We had some fun and the work is coming along.  I spoke in sacrament meeting this week which I think was my first time since Culasi.  I just kind of talked about a couple of my experiences living in a branch kind of like theirs.  I feel bad because some of them are triple-calling it and it's kind of stressful for some of the members, but then I talked about some of the things that I think can make going to church more spiritual and rewarding.  I talked about putting your phone away during meetings, about coming early (everybody comes like 5 minutes late.  It's a really bad habit).  Then I also talked about how when we come to church, we should expect to be instructed and come willing to learn new things.  I don't know. Stuff like that.  I didn't get any feedback on it, but it seemed like it went well.  

We have one investigator right now who is so cool. I love him so much haha.  He's like 38 years old and comes from a Muslim family and then he has like long curly hair and a long beard to go with it.  The first time we taught him was on the beach and I didn't have anywhere to sit so I just got a rock and sat on that.  And he apparently loved that haha.  Jesus sat on a rock when he preached too!  haha And then his long hair is because Jesus had long hair too haha.  He's so awesome.  

I hope all is  going well at home too!
Elder Robertson

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