Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 28th, 2015- A Little Conversation After a Christmas Skype Hang Up

From Stuarts Mom: 
It was so good to talk to you on Christmas.... You look so good and we're so proud of how good of a missionary you are being.  We can tell you are trying really hard. 
Ummmmm.... You kind of just hung up on us abruptly... Lol!!!   I was winding up for a good little cry session saying good bye and then, poof,  you're gone!!!   My mouth kind of dropped open!  Everyone had a good laugh about that. 
We're having lots of fun on our little get away to Milwaukee.  Tomorrow our first storm is going to hit and we may decide to stay one more day of there is too much ice.  We'll have to see.  Tomorrow we're going to the star wars movies at an imax 3-D. Very excited about that and then we'll eat at that Safe House restaurant.  It was kind of spy themed.   Should be fun.
Well can't think if anything else to say.   It was so good to see you.   Mothers day will be here before you know it. 
Love you,  mom 

From Stuart to his Mom:
haha I new that the crying session was coming so I just turned it off haha.  Sorry, but I didn't want to do that haha.  I thought that that was a good skype session though.  The connection was good.  I totally forgot to bring my camera today, so I won't send any pictures this week, but I do have some good pictures.  We took some pictures on Christmas night at the plaza in Guimbal.  They have nice lights.   And then I have a bunch of pictures from our branch Christmas party.  I'll get those to you guys. 

Thank you also to Grandma (I can't remember if it was mama or grandma sue who gave money for lunch for me and my companion)  but we went to the city today and went to this new restaurant called Zark's Burgers.  It was great food.  And the burger was really really large.  It's a really cool place.  We enjoyed ourselves.  

Well, it's a short letter today because not much has happened in two days.  

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