Sunday, January 3, 2016

November 22nd, 2015- Dragging Poo-Poo in the Bus and Going on his First Run

That's interesting that Avery is taking the lessons.  Good for him though.  How are the missionaries in the branch right now?  Do they visit very often at the house?  Hopefully Chloe is doing good now.  That is a crazy high fever though. 

So I do have one funny story this week.  So on Saturday, we had a branch activity which I really enjoyed.  They had the women play basketball. It was almost just as funny as watching the aunts play the cousins at camp susan haha.  But then we were going to a lesson that was kind of far away and we were running the chance of missing a ride because it would be too late, which would mean that we would also be late to our dinner appointment that we had set up, which would have been really sad, but it turned out fine.  We finished about 7:30 which is about the time when the last trip goes by, so we just started walking not really knowing if the bus had already gone through meaning we would be walking for the next hour and half. We had a family of members that were with us too, but they lived a lot closer, but thankfully after walking for about ten minutes, we saw a bus approaching from behind.  I was pretty to see that bus, so we hopped on, but when I got, I smelled something terrible.  Everybody else smelled it too so we were looking around to find out what it was.  Yep, I had stepped in some sort of animal poop, and tracked it into the bus and all through the aisle, and it smelled terrible.  They tried to wipe it up with some newspaper and started up the bus again, but we had to stop four times to try and get sand and branches of leaves and water from the ocean and all kinds of stuff because it just smelled so terrible.  So, I felt pretty ridiculous.  It was kind of an embarrasing moment. 

The bad news is that I forgot to take pictures again this week.  Sorry!  Give me some ideas of what you want pictures of because everything for me now is like same-old same-old.  

So, I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving.  We don't have any major plans, but we will be eating a lot of good food at the apartment.  I have Elder Crooks in my apartment right now from Wyoming.  He's an interesting character, but we are partying for thanksgiving. 

Oh, another highlight this week is that I went on my first run of the mission.  Elder Crooks likes to run too.  I actually enjoyed it a lot. I thought that after a year and half, that it wouldn't feel very graceful, but it felt really good though.  

So yeah, the essays.  I started on them, but I don't like my topics for them, so I'm scratching.  Do you guys have any ideas for me???  I know this is really pathetic, but I'm having a really hard time trying to right about one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  I think I've had a really easy life to be honest haha.  President Aquino didn't really respond to my email about the application either, but I'll see him on Tuesday.  If he doesn't talk to me about it, I'll email him again.  

So, that's about all I got this week. 

Elder Robertson

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