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September 27th, 2015- Funny Letter with No "U"...and Elder Gomez has 'Sore Eyes"

Hello!  I'm emailing from the city today!  Today is my official first SM day. By the way, all my letters today aren't going to have the letter ... I can't type it, the keyboard won't work on that letter, bt I think yo will find out what it is.  Actally abot half of the time it is
n the mission, each zone has a day once a month which they can go to the city to go to this hge mall like the ones in America.  This is my first one becase I've been in Antiqe and Kalibo which are too far to go to the city.  

Jst to let yo know too, I'll be spending some ersonal money today on some white shirts and then probably a knew pair of basketball shoes.  The holes in my old ones are getting to big to ignore haha.

So, we had an interesting week.  On Wednesday or Thursday, Elder Mareikra got this eye thing where both his eyes went bloodshot red and hrt a lot, then on Friday, Elder Gomez got it too, so we didn't missed a cople days of work this week.  The fnniest part of all of this is that there is a Filipino sperstition that when a person has sore eyes, its passed when yo make eye contact with that person.  So, nobody wold look Elder Mareikra or Elder Gomez in the eye.  Sister Aqino too, oh man, she told all of s in the apartment not to look them in the eye or we will get it too.  Sister Aqino blows my mind sometimes with what she says abot what to do in health sitations haha.  I don't know if its one of those things to test yor faith in those called of God like one of those times where yo have to bath yorself seven times in the river Jordan type of things, or if we shold jst ignore all of the stff she says that makes no sense.  haha.  I really don't know haha.  Anyways, it's jst so fnny sometimes, Pinoy sperstitions.  On Snday, we were trying to decide if we shold go to chrch or not.  All of the members told s that we were fine to go as long as he wore snglasses, so nobody cold see his eyes haha, so that's what he did haha.  He wore these snglasses to chrch and sat throgh sacrament meeting and everything with his snglasses on.  haha so fnny. 

Yeah, so I heard that Elder Scott died.  I wasn't too srprised to hear that he died after I saw him in the MTC.  He did not look good, bt I was still shocked at the same time.  I'm excited to see who will be our next apostles.  

And no, I havnet seen the sn or the moon all week.  We had a typhoon all week. It rained so mch the last week.  We got very wet haha.  

This area that I'm in right now is really challenging.  In the last cople years this area has only had a cople of baptisms and lets jst say that baptisms doesn't mean conversions. We have some really frstrating recent converts, anyways, Elder Gomez and I are trying to change p the pace that the previos missionaries took here becase obviosly it wasn't working.  I'll jst say thogh that miracles can really happen from jst being obedient to the rles and working yor hardest becase that's the way yo can gain the trst of the members.  Not by going to their hoses every night to hang ot.  Sre yo will make a lot of friends, bt they can never trst yo to teach their closest friends the gospel.  We have already had a lot of the members come up to s and tell s that they can really tell the difference between how we treat the work as comared with former missionaries.  They tell s that they can feel that we treat the work as if it is actally real life and as if it were really imortant to s. It feels retty good to get those kind of compliments from the members.  I think that this area will trn arond..


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