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September 14th, 2015- Working Hard in Tiolas

Well, I was trying to send pictures first today because sometimes it helps me remember what I say and the computer just deleted all of my pictures, so I think it's retrievable, but I have no idea what I'm doing and these computers are junk, so I'll just call it a day for pictures haha.  It wasn't that many pictures though, just from here in Tiolas and then like my last month in New Wash.  We'll see about next week for pictures haha!
We're emailing here in Tigbauan because we played volleyball and basketball with some of the Elders in the zone this morning.  
So in my district, we have Elder Mareikura from New Zealand and Elder Marisol from Bacolod.  Elder Mareikura is training Elder Marisol.  They're in our apartment.  And then in Miag-ao has Elder Larson from Reno Nevada and Elder Nillas from Manduriao.  Elder Larson is our district leader and to answer your question, no, I'm not a zone leader anymore, just a normal missionary! Whoo!  Our mission president kind of likes to give a lot of people opportunities to serve in leadership positions.  In my zone though, we have Elder Chapman, who is actually the new mission secratary, and then Elder Mudrow, from my batch as well.  I'm in the zone with all the office elders.  
To answer your other question, no, nobody here cares about football except some of the other Elders.  Just basketball. 
So, the missionary work in our area is already starting to pick up a bit.  I've had 6 member referrals since I've been here, but the members here I think when I got here were a little burnt out about missionary work and reactivation because there has been no baptisms this year or maybe even the year before that except for one couple that was baptized about 8 weeks ago or something, but haven't gone to church since they became members.  So, yeah, that's what we're working with here, but we have been trying to work with the members a lot and gain their trust and so far we have got 6, pretty solid referrals so far.  With our extra time though, which we have a bit, we just go out tracting, which is really not that fun in this area haha.  I lost my umbrella again this week towards the beginning of the week, which really kind of wasn't great timing because these last couple days we've got some pretty decent rain, but that's alright.  Actually, people tend to have mercy on us when we are soaking wet. They let us in hahah. 
We had an experience this week where a guy approached us and asked us how we are saved. So, we just gave him a little summary of what we believe, and apparently he some member of this kind of small, unheard of church,  So, he said we could come back and share a message.  We thought that he probably just wanted to butt heads with us, but when shared with him, he actually was super nice and he really just wanted to serve the Lord.  It sounded like to me that he probably had a rough background and then this church helped him turn his life around and now he just wanted to pay it back. It was nice to talk to him.  He told us that he sees us walking a lot and knows that we share the word of God and he just thought to himself that he lacked faith like us.  He doesn't take enough time to share to other people about Jesus Christ.  He didn't want to take a copy of the Book of Mormon, but I really appreciated that meeting with him because he was maybe just was one of the most sincere people I've met so far on my mission, and was very open with us.  
We had a day this week where we went looking for an investigator from a different area that transferred to our area that was apparently supposed to be baptized.  We asked around if people knew him in the address area, and people did, but they said he lived far away in the mountains, so we had a little extra time, so we took a hike out into the mountains.  It was so fun.  It had rained a lot this week to these little dirt paths that we found were mud.  Anyways, there were no people or houses, but a bunch of these little paths that were going all over the place, but I guess the Spirit just led us right to him.  We found him in the middle of nowhere working in this little rice field on the side of a mountain.  And then he took us up to the top of the mountain to show us where his house was.  We got up to the top and then he showed us, pointing across the valley to the other mountain like a mile away.  You could spot this one lone house.  It was ridiculous how far it was in the middle of no where.  But, it was so fun.  We talked to him and it sounded like his family or something was kind of forcing him into investigating the church, but he never really agreed to become a member, but right now, we are teaching a family that is progressing that is related to him, so maybe, they can help us out with him.  But, yeah, I'll just tell you that things are looking up in Tiolas right now.  Our hard work is paying off, slowly but surely.  

By the way, I think the balance on my cards might be low, but I don't really need any personal money.  The only things that I might be looking at getting are more white shirts (I'm down to 3 short sleeves.  They keep disappearing, but I'm not pointing fingers)  And then maybe basketball shoes because I have large holes in the bottom of my shoes.

Sister Aquino picked up the bill for me. Super nice of her.  I think it was around 10 dollars, just pay at the desk as you leave in cash kind of thing.  Yeah and my ear is fine, so I think the doctor nailed the diagnose thing.  

Alright, have a great week!
Elder Robertson

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