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November 29th, 2015- The Work is Coming Along, Slowly but Surely

Hey guys!  

I'm doing great over here. The work is coming along, slowly but surely.  We had a handful of our investigators come to church.  We are teaching the parents of the Branch President's wife.  I've been actually teaching them for a while now, but it was so hard to teach them because they were just silent during the discussions.  We couldn't them to say hardly anything, but now all of the sudden, they have decided that they want to be baptized and the lessons are so much better.  Just this one lesson we went there and they had apparently decided that they wanted to become members and they were just talking to us as if they were already members haha.  They gave us like 3 referrals too. They were like, hey, we are going to talk to this person, they might want to become members of our church too.  Then, I was just thinking, our church?  haha ok.  Yeah, but it's looking good there.  I really enjoy teaching them now.  They are coming to church and stopping drinking and all kinds of good stuff.  The awkward part though before is that the Tatay and his son, who is a member, were drinking buddies together, but we got that situation covered now haha.  
Then we are teaching another family right now who is really awesome, minus that the father is a seaman, so he only maybe comes home once a month.  We still haven't met him, but the last week and a half they were in the hospital with their youngest child, but it seems ok now.  We actually tracted into them, and they were super polite.  Have four kids.  Three boys and the youngest is a girl.  The same as us!   But their kids are very smart and well behaved.  I think the oldest is 14.  But the mother just told us that they were already letting the missionaries from a couple other churches visit them, but she said we could come back and teach them, so we set a time when the other churches for sure wouldn't be at their house to avoid any awkward confrontations haha, and we had an awesome first discussion with them about the restoration.  The mother gave the closing prayer and just told Heavenly Father how grateful she was for the message and how she felt something that she had been searching for for a long time.  The spirit was strong during the lesson.  And ever since then, it's been going really well with that family.  They have a good family, minus the father is never home.
The next transfer day falls on Christmas eve, but I'm not sure if that will go through, but we had a zone conference this week, and I talked to the AP's.  It kind of sounds like I might transfer, but if I want to stay, I can just text them and it's no problem.  I'm not really sure if I want to stay yet, but if things are looking well, I might chose to stay because it's looking light we will have 7 baptisms in January, which would really be a blessing for this branch.  
By the way, our zone conference this week was awesome.  It was in San Jose, so I got to back to Antique for a day.  Lots of memories.  But, our AP's are doing really well.  Our mission is really improving right now.  There is just kind of an exciting atmosphere around here in the mission. The AP's in their trainings told us that the mission is shattering key indicator records and stuff.  It's just kind of cool because everyone is getting excited to do some missionary work!  
By the way, I totally forgot that it was thanksgiving again on Thursday.  On Monday, I was just thinking to myself that I've got to do something awesome, but yep, totally forgot about it by the time Thursday rolled around.
I took some pictures this week, so I'll try and get them off right now.  Wish me luck.  (*No pictures came through...sad...)

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