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September 20th, 2015- Mission Tour with Elder Bowen

Hello everyone!

So, my letter is going to be a little shorter this week because I wrote a bunch of emails that I should have already replied to and now I don't have that much time left. So one of the highlights this week is that I had my first mission tour this week.  We had Elder Bowen from the area presidency visit us.  I learned a lot from him.  He talked to us on the Abrahamic covenant, the baptismal covenant, the oath and covenant of the priesthood and the house of Israel.  Let's just say he opened up the deep doctrine on us.  I thought I already knew a lot of stuff about those topics, but he took it to a whole other level.  I learned al ot and it helped me understand the gospel in a different way too.  He just told us what he was sharing with us what he was sharing because when we understand who we are, we know how to act accordingly.  

By the way I've been trying to send pictures but they aren't loading.  Its just the computers here in San Joaquin.  We are still trying to find a place that has decent internet here in San Joaquin but there is like nothing haha.  

We also did a branch activity where we played Meet the Mormons.  We were trying to look for a public revenue because we didn't want to do it at the church because obviously non-members are going to be shy to come into the church.   

Oh and yesterday we found out that this one house is members, so we tried to visit them.  We were walking up to their house and an old grandma walks out and sees us and just starts panicking and literally sprints to the back of the house yelling, "MORMONS, MORMONS!"  Then the front door slams really hard and that point, we were kind of picking up the vibe that we weren't welcome there haha. We got a good laugh from that one.  

That's about all I've got time for today.  I was only able to upload half the pictures that I have so I'll just send those.  Sorry if the captions don't make any sense because I have to delete half the pictures.  

Elder Robertson

A sweet letter from a big brother to a little brother, Oliver. 
Hey bud!! How's it going? Sounds like your keeping yourself busy. I hope you don't actually think your life is boring. Your whole life, you will have a pattern, doing the same stuff day after day, week after week, but that doesn't mean we have to be bored! Enjoy your life! When I'll get back I'll have to play you in chess. I've picked up a couple tips from the Filipinos. Some of them are way good. Sounds like your still a beast on the football field. How much do you weigh? How tall are you now? In mom's last pictures of you to me, I was shocked at how big you are. You guys will all be bigger than me when I get back haha. 
I'm doing great right now though. I'm having a lot of fun. My mission has just been so much fun. You get to meet some of the best people. I'm enjoying the weather too. I'm kind of getting scared to go back to Wisconsin to the cold. The other day it was raining and I was sitting inside freezing cold. It was like 60 degrees. My body has totally adjusted to the tropical weather. I'm going to die when I get back to snow haha.
I hope you are all doing great. I miss you a bunch.
Elder Robertson

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