Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 4th, 2016- Still in Tiolas

So, I'll maybe start with the biggest news.  We had an interesting transfer day.  I ended up not getting transferred.  Elder Crooks was the only one who got transferred in our district, even though he has only been here for one transfer.  Elder Layos was supposed to train, but President Aquino called the night before saying that Elder Layos' trainee went home.  We aren't really sure of the story on that one, but the ending result is that Elder Pajarillo, Elder Layos, and I are left in a tripanionship over all of San Joaquin.  I'm pretty excited about that because I really like the two, and work is way more fun with three.  And plus, we inherited all of their investigators hehe.  It's just nice to see some new faces too.  I have had some challenges here in this area, but this transfer will be the best for sure.  The area is really progressing right now.  

New Years happened this week!  That was really not much for us.  We had early curfew and then I just slept.  A lot!  It was awesome to catch up.   The other two didn't sleep much they said, but I didn't wake up once!  It was pretty loud with all of the firecrackers and trumpet kwans and the music, but I had a successful night rest.  

Sunday was great as well. I think besides branch conference, we set a Tiolas Branch attendance.  89!  whoo!  We usually average around 50 or 60 so it was a fun day at the church.  Everyone was excited, so it was pretty fun.  

Then that day of work, I also set a personal record in my mission for time waiting for a ride.  we waited from 4:30 to 7:30 for a bus.  We had 4 go by, but they were all full.  We ended up calling a member to come pick us up, and his tricycle is really old and slow.  We ended up getting back at 8:45 leaving us with no choice but to go home.  

The pictures for some reason today aren't uploading, so I'll get them next week. Sorry about that!

Elder Robertson

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