Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23rd, 2015: Another Baptism &Forgetting Proselyting Tools

I am writing from Tibiao right now, and the internet is pretty bad.  I have been trying to send some pictures for a while, but I don't think it's going to work :(. I have some really cool ones this week too.  
SO, to quick just answer your questions.  My laundry is pretty rough.  I have been doing my own laundry for about 3 months now and its terrible.  I usually put my soap of whatever in a tub of water along with some bleach if it's whites. I let it soak for maybe a day.  I then just take a bar of laundry soap and a scrubber and scrub em nice and good.  My whites are starting to go brown though.  I don't know if there is anything I can do though.  
Chloe, I am not sure if I have ever heard of those before.  I do like applesauce though.  I hope you liked it! Were they good?
As far as me getting transferred, I would say yes.  I have been in Culasi forever and President has pretty hat I will be transferred.  That will be the second week of March I think.  
So, I have had a pretty great week. On one of our days, we went out to a village way otut in the mountains.  It was one we have never been ouit to before.  We had a referral out there, so we took a trip out there.  It was in the mountains, but not on one.  It was so beautiful, I really hope this computer decided to let me send some pictures!  It was about a two hour trip.  We get out there and start talking to some people swimming in the river.  I went to give them the Restoration pamplet and it turns out that none of us grabbed them, so we had no proselyting tools.  It was kind of a funny moment.  Anyways, we went into the village and sat next to these people on a bench and within 5 minutes, we had about 60 standing around us.  It was kind of funny.  It turned out that our referral was on vacation in boracay, so that didn't work out.  That was a fun day though!
On Saturday, we had a baptism of Boy Macuja.  He is the father of the family we baptized in November. The mother and daughter. We were really excited to baptize the father of that family.  He was really cool to teach him and to watch him make changes in his life so he can be a good example to his family.  We worked with him to make changes in his life and to help him overcome some addictions.  We had some really powerful lessons with him and his family.  Situations like his is what makes missionary work so rewarding!  Elder Coronel and I were so excited to baptize him.  
Yesterday, after church, while working, my toe was really kind of hurting while we were walking.  After a while, I figured something was actually wrong, so I stopped to take me shoes off to take a look.  I saw a black line in between my pinky toe and ring toe.  I called Elder Coronel over and we decided that it looked like a hair that got underneath my skin somehow.  I know that sounds weird, but it happened.  I just decided to wait till we got back at night to try and take it out.  After a little while more, it was really hurting, so I stopped to look at it again.  It had slipped further up into my toe!  By the end of the day it litterally had slid maybe 2-3 cm up into the fleshy part of my toe.  I tried to get it out with a needle, but it was just too deep.  It was so hard mentally to try and stick that needle into my toe.  I had Elder Coronel try, but he couldn't.  After a little while it started to bleed, so I couldn't see exactly where it was, so as of right now, it's still in there.
What else... we had a pretty awesome PDay today.  We went to Tibiao to go to some falls.  They were pretty cool!  After that, we went to go zip-lining! Tell John that it was a lot cooler than the one we went to in Green Bay.  haha.  It was a good day though.  Hopefully I can send you a couple pictures.  
Anyways, we are heading out soon, so I'll maybe try and send a couple pictures.
Halong hasta dason!
Elder Robertson

What a gorgeous picture...One to treasure forever!

Stuart and his buddy, Elder Preston Kellerstrass.  They were in the MTC together and then got sent to Culasi at the same time and have served there for 6 months.  They got to go zip lining on their P-day. Fun!!

Hiking to some falls in Tibiao on the P-Day

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