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October 27th,2014: Baptism, Trip to Pandan and Bonding with a Monkey

Hello Fam!
Well, to first kinda adress your email..  I don't know if we will be able to see Meet the Mormons, but I'm guessing I'll probably see it some time on my mission.  And we actually sent a youth on that temple trip.  Patrick Miyagi from Pandan.  And, yeah, I kinda know that sister in our zone.  There is only four sisters in our zone.  And as far as packages.  You can send them as often as you want.  Our mission president is pretty chillaxed about everything.  He gives us quite a bit of freedom.  I'm so thankful because the president in Bacolod is wayy strict.  For example, he doesn't let them work out at all. Which really doesn't make any sense, but anyways, yeah. President Aquino hasn't said anything about that.  As far as money goes.  I had 3000 pesos of personal money to start out with and we get 8000 at the beginning of each month.  I have gone 1500 pesos into my personal money, but have not yet had to use any of my accounts, but I think I'm going to have to at the beginning of November.  I have enough food.  It's just basically rice with a little bit of flavor haha. And it is true that it kinda sucks that we have to pay for the members when they work with us.  So, I think it's possible to stay within 8000 pesos a month, but definitely not convenient.  Everyone in our district has gone over this month already.  Especially the tibiao elders. They have to spend at least 2000 a month on travel to their area and don't get reimbursed for it, so it sucks for them.

But as far as the package goes.  Things that would be nice would maybe be a couple thumb drive thingys, and if you could have dad upload some good music on there.  That would be nice because the music we listen to in our apartment is terrible.  It's like the members music where they take hymn lyrics and put it to way crappy beats.  I hate it.  haha.  Dad, will understand.  Also, maybe a couple neckties.  haha, I love my ties.  Other than that right now, it doesn't matter to me!

Btw, the video is not going to work.  I tried though. It way just that monkey climbing all over me haha. 

Sooo, about my week... I loved it.  I love it here!  My area is so beautiful, right along the beach with the largest mountain on the island looming over.  and then you can see the water falls on it. It's just hard to describe, but I love it here.  
On Saturday, I had my first baptism. We baptized the parents of the Balestramon family.  It was so nice.  We had the service at their house.  We had probably half the group at the service too, so I was grateful for that. In the middle of the service, we all walked down to the beach and had the baptisms in the ocean.  Pretty sweet, huh? Culasi A also joined our baptism service and they baptized Sister Apolinario.  I baptized Nanay Balestramon and then confirmed the Tatay the following day at church.  Elder Kellerstrass did his first ever baptism, so it was cool for him  

Crap, were getting kicked out of the computer shop.  I'll try and send some pics of the baptism later.  Anyway, we had a great week teaching, and really have had some great lessons this week. P-day was awesome too. We went to the Lutaws in Pandan, and they own a resort, and they are pretty loaded, but they spoiled us with some delicious food.  It was soo good.  Also got to play basketball this morning for a couple hours.  I'm doing well, and it was nice to hear from you all again!

Elder Robertson

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