Monday, February 9, 2015

January 5th,2015: A New Year & Elder C Emergency Potty & Lots of Pictures

That's crazy that Connor broke his wrist!  How long of an injury is that? Mga 6 weeks?
So, I don't really care about getting letters in the mail. Emails are fine for me! But, getting the pictures from the primary would be pretty cool! And actually, I got your package! Not the branchs, but the one you sent!  Thank you so much!  That seriously made my month.  By the way, I gave the Macoroni and Cheese to Elder Kellerstrass.  He was dying for some and before I opened it he said that if there is mac and cheese in their, its going to him. and sure enough, there was macoroni and cheese in their. Thanks for the ties too!  I really hope the prices on their is not how much you actually paid for those. you guys are crazy! 
The typhoon that came through was stronger than I thought it would be. On Tuesday, we had our district meeting canceled because of the typhoon.  There were actually some pretty strong gusts of wind, and it was raining really hard.  I was expecting work to be canceled.  We waited till 1, which is when we go out, and we got no call, so I called our zone leaders and they said we are still working.  I asked them what the whether was like down there and they said there is no rain or wind down by them.  I was just like, that doesn't mean its fine up here!  Its like full on typhooning here! haha.  Basta, we still went out to work and got soaked.  It wasn't even worth taking an umbrella with us because the winds would just destroy it.  Elder Coronel is pretty tough about it though.  He's cool with being soaked all day and doesn't really complain which is good.  I feel bad going out to work and being soaked all the time haha. 
So for questions, 
Most memorable thing that happened to me,
maybe it was when we were out in the bukid, and Elder Coronel had to go #2 haha.  I don't think he really wants me to tell this story but it is so funny.  I don't give him grief though because pretty much all new missionaries have bowel problems haha, but anyway, he really had to go apparently because he went in to this old foundation of a concrete house, found where the CR was, and somehow, the toilet is still standing, but it is really nasty.  he just pulled down his trousers and takes a dump, right there in this house.  One of the walls of the CR had collapsed though, and while I was waiting, I didn't realize that there was a girl walking past and the missing wall faces the road, so I scrambled and found some scrap metal and through it in front of the door.  hahaha.  He used our proselyting pamplets for TP.  hahaha so funny.  
So, besides cornflakes, there only 3 others.  Chocolate balls, mini cookie thingies, and then honey stars.  Thats it.  
So, one pretty gross food that people eat is this dish that is just made from big blood.  It actually tastes pretty good, but the idea is pretty gross. Its just   pig blood and some of the organs over rice.  
Yes oliver, you can have it haha
My favorite thing to talk to you about on Christmas was maybe just hearing how Christmas was for all the family.  I really enjoyed all of it though.  
So, other highlights from the week.  We had the Traveling Assistants to the President visit Culasi this week. They just basically travel around the mission and go on splits and evaluate the other missionaries. We had a good day working, but after in our evaluation, I really learned a lot.  I really considered my commitment to improve my teaching skills. I think I was getting to a point where I was gettting comfortable with my teaching skills and not looking all the time for ways to improve. 
We had a really powerful testimony meeting this Sunday. President Aquino was supposed to come to church, but he didn't come. I was going to be released as group leader, but nope, I'm still group leader.  We have district conference (stake conference) coming up this month and that is kind of stressful to try and get all the members down there, but that is a different story.  Anyways, I don't know what got into everyone in testimony meeting, everyone was balling.  Francis was conducting and after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, I told him to probably wrap up the meeting, but he said that we should wait.  Anyways, the meeting was like 1 hour and 45 meeting.  
New Years was pretty fun!  I think they take it more seriously than Christmas.  Everything was like a ghost town on new years day.  Everybody was sleeping from last night with a hangover.  That day had some pretty slow work.  There were some drunk people dancing in the streets.  It was so funny. There was one street that was totally deserted, and then there is just one old guy just dancing hard, in the middle of the streets. He was trying to get us to dance with him,but yeah that wasn't going to happen.  New years eve, there were so many fireworks. The fireworks here are different though. Not so much color and flash, but a lot of bang. haha.  It sounded like a war going on all night.
Anyways, I hope you guys have had a great week. 

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