Thursday, February 5, 2015

September 20th: First Words from the Philippines!!

Were supposed to email you right now just to let you know that we got here safe and sound.  We are staying in the Manila MTC for 5 days, and then fly out to Iloilo on Wednesday.  Its so exciting!  I can hardly wrap my round around the fact that I'm in the Philippines.  It was nice to talk to you guys on the phone yesterday!  Just to let you know I couldn't understand a thing Chloe said to me, but I sent her a letter in the mail from the US, so hopefully that gets to you guys.  I activated my card and it works, at least in the states, I need to buy an umbrella, so I'll maybe try it later today when we go out proselyting.  Well, its pretty crazy here, I'm so excited! I'm not sure when my next P-day is, so I'm not sure when I'll email you next.
Elder Robertson

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