Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week #4 of the MTC

Kamusta kamo?

Kumusta ang pamilya ko! How's everything going?

So, I could tell from your letter that youre more than just a little concerned with my ankle, so I'll give you the full rundown.
I've been playing either basketball, soccer, or volleyball everyday. My ankle does not hurt any worse, but it has been doing something new. One day, when I took off my sock, there was blood on my ankle, where the injury is. I tried to rub it off, but it was actually under the skin. I thought that was a little weird. I showed the Elders in my district, and my companion was pretty concerned and told me to go get it checked out in the health clinic. The next day when I took off my sock, the blood had come through the skin in three seperate places. They were actual open wounds, so I thought that was a little strange. Elder Chapman kept hounding me to go get it checked out, so finallly I agreed. The three wounds are healing now. They did not make it hurt any worse. The doctor here had me explain my history of the ankle. The only thing he told me that was new news was that the shrinking and discoloration is a result of the cortozone shot, so I am actually really glad I found that out. He just referred me to a different doctor though. I went there yesterday morning. I just have to say though, that it was super nice to go out in public and it is so funny that everyone knows the missionaries here. Anyways my actual meeting with Dr. Jackson was only like 1 minute long. He asked me if I have had any x-rays done. I told him I got an MRI. He's just said then, yeah, youre fine, you can continue doing whatever your doing. He gave me a couple stretches though. This will NOT affect my mission. Dr. Brown here had me come back to tell him what Dr. Jackson said. He still advised me to take 4-6 months off the ankle, but said it was my choice, so I think you know what that means... I wish I would have got that last letter before my appoinment though! I didn't know that he knew mama and papa. I forgot to sign one of those consent forms though, but literally nothing happened in that appointment.

This Sunday, I got assigned to be our District Leader, which is pretty cool I guess. That Sunday I had to go to a bunch of leadership meetings and stuff like that. Later that Sunday I lead a district council where we revised our goals and talked about things that we wanted to work on. It actually went really well, but I have actually had some negative experiences with this leadership role. One thing that has kind of made it a little hard for me is that our previous district leader was pretty lenient on some of the rules for the convience of our district, but since I took over, I have been keeping all of the rules completely. I thought that my district would be understanding of me trying to uphold all of the rules and guidlines that have been given to us, because we have been promised so many blessings if we are exactly obediant at the MTC, but instead a couple of them have been acting cold to me and a little frustrated with me. One of the Elders even told me in a little interview type thing where I just basically have to get a report on their companionships that he thinks that have changed myself just because I have an assignment and that he hates when people do that. So, I was just like, wow. haha, anyways, I hope that I can convince them that being obediant is worth it. Some of them are actually working very hard and appreciate me trying to help them, but anyways. I have been pondering quite a bit how I can help restore some of these relationships.

This Sunday, I heard some great talks and devotionals. I actually wrote in my journal that I thought it was the best day yet. I came out of that day feeling very spritually uplifted. The Evening Devotional speaker spoke on how important keeping a study journal is because it helps you learn how God speaks to you. It was an interesting topic, I thought. But the way he explained how it is so important thouroughly convinced me, so I have been brainstorming and experimenting with different ways to keep a study journal, so it can be the most effective for me.

On Monday, our district was assinged to host the senior missionaries coming in. They are a lot of fun! This was definelty one of my highlights for the week, and we actually got assigned to do it again next Monday. The first couple we helped were from Costa Rica going to Guatemala for their mission, and the second couple we helped were from Guatemala going to Costa Rica, so it was pretty funny. We helped them get to know each other, and they were so excited to meet one another. Anyways, I thought that was kinda funny.

We also were assigned to host the regular missionaries that came in this Wednesday. We weren't on traffic duty like last week. We actually hosted them. There were something like 600 missionaries coming in, so we had to move pretty fast. I only got to host 3 missionaries. The first one was from Texas going to Salt lake city central, the same mission as Elder Pleshek right? Anyways, I told him to say hi, but I automatically assumed he was speaking English on his mission. I brought him to the second building he needed to go through to get some of his stuff, and I waited outside with his luggage. He went in, but never came out. I saw the people that were ahead and behind him come out, so I got a little worried, I waited another five minutes and he did not come out. I was just like, oh no, I lost my first missionary. I went into the building and he was not in there. Eventually I figured out that he might have gone out the way that all of the missionaries who are going to the west campus go, which is where all of the spanish speaking missionaries go. Sure enough he was over there. I felt bad! I just assumed that because he was going to Salt Lake, that he was speaking English, but he was speaking Spanish.
I also helped a missionary going to Reno Nevada and one going to Louisville Kentucky.

Every week we have what's called TRC. Basically, we teach someone who either is a RM from where we are serving, or someone who is actually from there, but this week we skyped our person who we were teaching. Her name was Grace. She had lived on the Island of Panay for her whole life until she served her mission in California, and now, seven years later, she lives there. She was super nice and actually easy to teach. She actually knows our mission president pretty well, so that was cool. We gave her a lesson on how to recieve revalation through reading the Book of Mormon. The only problem was that Elder Chapman did not say a word for the whole 30 minute lesson, so I guess I gave a pretty good lesson, haha. Everytime it was his turn to say something. He would just stare at me, making it look like I was supposed to be saying something. I couldn't believe him haha. Apparently he was just super nervous? I don't know. We actually kind of have this problem everytime we teach, but this time, he literally taught nothing... When we got back, one of our teachers, Brother Rutherford, asked who we skyped. We told him we skyped Grace. He just laughed. Buang sya, he said. That means, She's crazy. I was kind of confused because she was super nice, but he said that he first met her because she was at his homecoming talk and even tried to meet him at the airport when he got home. He said that she's on an indefinet vaction to America until she marries a missionary to the Iloilo mission. It was kind of funny. Apparently she will do that to all of the missionaries coming home from Iloilo.
Elder Chapman and I sang in the choir again this week. We sang Where can i turn for peace?. It is a beautiful song with lyrics that I never have really looked at before. I wonder if Dad has ever met the director here? His name is Ryan Egget I think. He's really good and helps have a fun and also a spiritual experience. The only reason I think Elder Chapman keeps wanting to go back to choir is not because he just really loves to sing, but he loves Brother Egget. It's kind of funny. I think he has a man-crush on him haha.
Can you send me some pictures of my awesome hair styles in the past, like my perm and the haircuts for girls basketball. My district wants to see them. Thank you!
As far as stuff in my packages, if you are sending one, doesn't matter really. I really did like the new ties though and my district is in love with those oreo/coookies and cream cookies you sent. Elder Staples told his mom about them and she made some and sent them to him, but otherwise, it doesn't really matter to me.
And I know I requested to have packer updates, but now that I am out here, I really don't care. Just tell me whether they win the superbowl or not haha, but I would like some occasion updates of how the local teams are doing with like connor, oliver, brevin, maddy, kayden. You know.
Miss you guys! Keep working hard in your callings!
Elder Robertson

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