Monday, February 9, 2015

December 21st, 2015: Trainer, District Leader and Group Leader!

Hey, so I've had a pretty interesting week so far.  On Wednesday morning I got a call from Elder Boligao, who is now AP South, saying that Elder Kellerstrass and I need to come down to Iloilo immediately because we were going to be training.  It turns out that almost all of my batch is training.  Elder Orr, Elder Chapman, Elder Kellerstrass, and I, from Antique are all training. So, my new companion is Elder Coronel.  I talked about him in the picture I sent.  President Aquino also told me that I would be district leader and group leader of culasi.  So right now, I have a triple calling.  Its kind of a not-so-great position to be in right now because I have so much to do.  Its been kind of stressful these last couple days, but I'm settling in a bit right now.  I don't know what president is thinking though haha.  Man, that was unexpected.  haha.  Elder Orr and Elder Chapman were also made district leaders.  So, antique right now is a lot of new missionaries.  
I had a really good week teaching though.  We had a lot of really good lessons.  On Sunday, we had Francis Garcia work with us.  He was baptized 7 months ago, but he is working on going on a mission right now, and he is really a solid member.  I am really impressed at his conversion.  He completely moved his life to revolve around the church.  He works 3 hours away, but still comes to all of the baptisms and comes up for church every week, and comes up as often as he can to work with the missionaries.  He has only recently started working in a job far away.  As in maybe 3 weeks ago.  But, the members all love him because you can really just feel the spirit from him and you can tell that he cares about everyone.  It was really nice to have him with us yesterday.  
Yesterday in church, I presided in a sacrament meeting for the first time.  That was a way weird feeling.  haha.  I also taught the Sunday school.  I just kind of taught about keeping Christ in Christmas and about how we can reflect Christ in ourselves this Christmas season. 
So, right now. I just got your email.  I don't know the girl in the picture, but the boy, dressed up as a girl, is one of our investigators. Ronel.  I think that is his account.  He is way nice, so its up to you if you want to accept it.  He might be a creeper. I don 't know haha.   
I have not gotten the package yet, or recieved any word if the mission has had it yet.  There's nothing we can do.   hopefully it will get here. 
My new companion is going pretty well so far.  I feel like I still don't know him very well, but were getting to know each other and were getting some good work done.  
I haven't really heard about #he is the gift, but actually, that seems like that has been the theme of the last couple of sacrament meetings we have had.  I'm really proud of our Culasi group!
That's funny about the Amazing Race thing.  that is pretty much spot on with what they showed.  Jeepneys and tricycles everywhere.  The "water buffalos"  are called karibaws here.  And you will see them plowing the rice fields all of the time.  And then the dogs everywhere. And sometimes I will just be walking and pick up on some unknown scent, and just think to myself," what could that possibly be in this world?"  haha.  I've had some gagging moments too honestly.  The dogs here are way nasty though.  I hate them haha.
So, we have to go to back to the apartment and grab something, but this might be the end of my email.

It looks like Stuart will eat just about anything!

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