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October 20th, 2014: Zone Activity on the Beach and Getting Use to Life

So, I just want to let you know right away, I'm in San Jose right now because we had a zone activity this morning, and I forgot my camera cord, so no pictures this week, plus, I kinda forgot to take pictures, sooo, I'll seriously try and remember this week.  It's just that, we're not supposed to take pictures while tracting, so that's pretty much all of the time. 
And yeah, about our apartment, I think it's definitely one of the more crappy apartments in the mission, but I actually heard that theirs an area in our mission where they don't send foreigners because the living conditions are so bad.  And my mattress, its not terrible as long as my wait is evenly spread out .  I can't lay on my side or anything because that kinda hurts, but my backs fine.  Actually speaking of backs, we had a missionary go home this week from my batch because of his back.  I kind of had a feeling that if anyone was going to go home, it would be him because he was having way bad anxiety when we got to the Philippines MTC.  I don't know if he actually had back problems, but I don't think that's really the biggest reason he went home.  I feel so bad. He was really having a rough time.  Especially when we got to Iloilo that first night and had to stay in our first Philippines hotel.  I stayed in the same room as him, and he was just kinda freaking out.  
About the laundry, Sister Ortega comes to do our laundry once a week.  She just does it outside. 
But man, some of those homes we visit.  It's pretty rough in some areas. Just homes made out of tarps and sticks, but I don't think it matters how much of a wall they have. I'm convinced that the rats here have no limitations to what they can do haha.  We have been stumped multiple times by rats this week while trying to catch them, but we actually discovered like a whole tunnel system that they have going, so we tried to clog that up. We actually caught our first rat this week right before I came over here to finish emailing.  It was a little baby and it just ran out from underneath our couch and half way up Elder Boligaos leg. It was so funny.  But, yeah, that thing died a painful death.... haha
And about the bucket shower.  No, I don't get that "clean" feeling whatsoever.  I just wash my hair, face and pits really well, and that's about it.  
About drop box.  I know Elder Anderson uses drop box, I'll just ask him about it, and I better hurry too, because hes leaving in 2 weeks.  
About packages. I hear about one month it takes to get here.  Before you send it though, there are a couple things that I want to request!  Not really food, but like some other stuff, I'm not going into details because I'm kinda pressed on time right now.  
As far as my food goes...haha... my cooking kind of sucks.  like a lot. So, for breakfast, I have corn flakes with a banana every morning.  For lunch I have rice with a can of tuna and steamed veggies every day, and then for dinner.  It depends, sometimes people just feed us during the day, but if not, when we get home at night, I'll just make myself some noodles or soup or something.  My companion was actually a chef at a top-notch Korean restaurant though in Manila, so I gotta pick up some pointers from him! haha. I did actually have the opportunity to eat bolut this week.  It wasn't really gross, just weird. The feathers were kind of weird to eat.  
As far as my health goes, I'm feeling great.  I was sick with a sore throat, runny nose, and headaches for like a month in the MTC and my first week here, but now I'm feeling great.  My bowel movements are fine lol, just maybe a bit constipated if anything, from all of the rice.  Speaking of rice though. I just think this language is way weird in some ways.  They have a word for uncooked rice, prepared for cooking, rice still growing, cooked rice, a verb to cook rice, and just all these words just for different kinds of rice, then they don't even have words for simple everyday stuff like, today.  To say today in Karay-a, you have to say Kadja nga adlaw, which is basically saying this day, and then they don't have a word for yesterday, but they do have a word for tomorrow... It's just weird.  If you directly translate it to English, it's like a caveman talking or something.  It's just way simple. I guess that's good for me, who is learning it, but I'm surprised they can express themselves clearly enough for the exact meaning of what they are saying comes across well, if you know what I'm saying.  
We actually have been having a fiesta here in Culasi, these last couple days.  They have just been blasting this music from the center of town.  It's sooo loud.  We can here it like 2 kilos out of town.  It's like 5 in the morning though, and the music already is going, and they are partying.  
What else... So, we had a zone activity in San Jose this morning.  We went down their last night and slept over at the zone leaders place.  Their place is sooo much nicer than ours.  It's so big too, and it's just the two of them.  I had to sleep on the floor though.  I did not sleep much.  I had a little mat with no pillow or blanket, so I'm pretty wiped out right now because I didn't sleep much.  But, this morning, we all went to the beach and just played games.  It was pretty nice.  Except I got really burned, which is just adding to how wiped out I am right now.
Anyways, it was really nice to hear from you all this week.  I miss you all a ton!  Algoma sounds normal as usual. 
Elder Robertson

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