Monday, February 9, 2015

January 12th, 2015: Talking to a Crazy Lady and Learning Good Lessons From It

My week was great!  I had a lot of interesting moments, but I'll answer your questions first.
I feel like I've experienced many miracles on my mission.  Not things really that are completely unexplainable but things that I know would not have happened without God playing a hand in it.  I think that's really a miracle. One thing that I still consider a miracle in the MTC when I lost my shoes.  I looked everywhere and my roommates quadrouple checked everything, but we still didn't find them.  I didn't want to blame people, but I had to believe that somebody stole them, but later that night, I look in my drawer and they are right there.  I know I looked there and all the others said they did too.  I could really tell that God wanted me to learn a lesson there even though it may seem kind of stupid.  Even though I didn't want to, I blamed other people for something that I'm pretty sure I caused.  But, yeah I feel like I experience miracles all the time.  And I've realized that a lot of things happened to me before my mission that are miracles, but I didn't thank God for them.  All it takes is a grateful attitude and always looking for God's blessings!
What made me laugh this week?  This question makes me laugh because so many funny things happen every day.  One thing that I laughed at really hard was that one time, we decided to talk to a man walking along the road.  We talked for 30 seconds, introducing ourselves and our message when he said he needed to get on this bus that was going by, so we pretty much had no choice but to walk away.  I looked back though and see him walking the other way.  He didn't even get on the bus!  I just started laughing because I just did not expect that.  It was probably the most creative way someone has evaded us so far haha.  Elder Coronel said, "I'm not even mad!  If he can pull that one on us he can get away with it"  There were a couple other times this week where Elder Coronel wanted to Tagbalay these "houses".  One time he tried to tagbalay an attorneys office.  Another time while we were kind of out in the bukid, or sticks, he tried to oym an army base.  I guess the three layers of barbed wire fence and men in camo with machine guns didn't set off any alarms for him haha.  When he doesn't where glasses, he can't really see any signs or anything.
Did I try any new foods this week... hmm. actually just one.  We had fish and then dipped it in this spicy vinager sauce. It was pretty good. I didn't really try anything too exotic this week though.  
And yes chloe, I will send you a video(it moves)of this plant. Its pretty cool.  You will like it!
By the way,  I am actually in the internet shop in LS suites right now. 
So for my garments size. Mesh tops and bottoms are good.  Medium on the top and maybe something a little smaller for the bottoms. Thank you!
I just want to tell you guys another funny story.  This lady came up to us and started talking to us.  She spoke pretty good english, so we had amostly english conversation, but at first she was really interested to meet with us, but then after, when we were about to part ways, she said that she also wanted to share a small message with us.  She sat there for like 15 minutes and just talked about weird stuff.  Shes like. God speaks to us.  He talks to us right here in the philippines, right in antique, right here in culasi, right here, right now.  Can you hear his voice?  I was just like, literallly, and she said yes.  I didn't really answer. i just asked her, can you? And she said yes. At that point I knew she was a little crazy.  She then proceded to talk to the voice.  Like, having a conversation with God.  It was pretty weird and pretty awkward.  Elder coronels face just kind of said, what is going on, why are we still talking to this lady.  It was just weird.  She told us all of this weird stuff.  We had a good laugh about it afterwards, but I kind of just thought afterwards if that is sometimes how some people feel while we talk to them and tell them about living prophets and stuff like that.  I think it is really important to make people feel comfortable when you are talking to them about the gospel and really help them relate it to themselves.  It is always, for me, a process of re evaluating myself on how my appointments and oyms go.
At the beginning of the year, we started reading the old testament.  I just finished genisis today, but this is really my first time to actually study the bible even though we covered it in seminary, and I have to say, it is really interesting.  Those who believe in the Bible, but think its crazy that Joseph Smith may have had more than one wife I think have never actually read the bible.  The stories about Abraham and Jacob, and Isaac are a little weird to me.  Elder Coronel and I always have a good laugh about what we read in the Bible in our personal study.  
Oh by the way, we hunted some pretty massive rats in our apartment this week.  Maybe 5 or 6 times bigger than the biggest one I've seen so far in our apartment.  Pretty sketchy.  
Anyway,. I've got to get off, so halong til next week!
Elder Robertson

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