Monday, February 9, 2015

January 26th,2015: President Aquino- ROCK OUT!

So, I'll just answer the questions first because a lot of times they give me inspiration on what to right about.
So, honestly I haven't cried since I've been here.  Although this week while teaching a lesson, I was teaching about the first vision which I do like 10-15 times every week, I just got choked up a little bit.  I don't know why, I was just feeling like I really wanted her to feel that it was true.  I was completely focused just on that person, and I taught about what happened to Joseph Smith.  I don't know why I kind of got choked up. I just felt such great love for this person.  
My companion told me a while ago something like, "I think I'm growing immune to the Spirit because I feel it so much, I used to tear up sometimes when I felt the Spirit, but now I don't"  It was pretty funny.  
It seems to me like the most common gift around here is probably just food, but I have actually got two gifts.  One was a coffee mug, and the other was two cheap stuffed animals, so I don't really know what the standard for gifts is here. haha.
If I had to choose between weather, I would probably go with Philippines although sometimes I die for some cold weather.  Here its just the same thing everyday. Hot and humid.  The only change is rain and sometimes a little wind.

My superbowl prediction is Patriots by at least 25 points. 
Woah Chloe, I don't even want to think of that.  I think if I had to just say, it would probably be Salt Lake.
So, this week we had two-zone conference in Iloilo, so we we had a 2 day trip to go to that.  That went pretty well.  It was like a 7 hour conference though so at least it was worth our time, but after, President called me into his office to talk about the progress of the group up here and he told me that I will be here for at least another transfer, so hopefully that happens because I love it up here!  I don't know for sure though.  President can be unpredictable! haha. 
On Saturday we had a FHE at a members house.  It was a pretty good time. I was in charge of the lesson. I decided to just have everybody go to the beach and split into a couple groups.  Every group had to make something, anything and then relate it to the gospel.  There were a bunch of kids there so I just wanted to get everybody up and moving around.  It turned out to be pretty funny because every group ended up making a model of the tree of life. 

O-bedient (excellent obedience)
K-nowledgable (study the scriptures, memorize)
O-pen your mouths but lock your hearts
U-se time wisely
T-each and testify through the Spirit

I just have to send this to you because I think it is so funny that he uses rockout.  This is from President Aquino.  I don't know how, but this perfectly sums up his personality.  haha
That's all I got for this week!
Have a great week!
Elder Robertson

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The lizard that won't let go of his chomp...for hours!

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