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December 2nd, 2014: Thanksgiving- Noodles and a Can of Tuna & Awkward Lesson with Breast Feeding Mothers

So, I actually got a call from the mission office in the middle of this week saying that I got a package, so I have no idea who that is from.  Do you?  I think all of the packages just go to the mission home first and then they send it through the ceres bus service to our place. I'm not sure.  Elder Boligao and Elder Anderson when they got packages, picked them up from a little shop.  I'm not sure what's going to happen. But, they just called me to confirm my first and middle name because there is actually three Robertsons in the mission right now!  Elder Robertson came in one transfer after me, and then apparently there is a Sister Robertson who is from Tonga.  Its crazy that there is three of us!
The pictures are great! I love getting them!
So, nothing happened for thanksgiving.  Nobody celebrates it here.  I actually almost forgot about it but I remembered the morning of.  My Thanksgiving meal was noodles and a can of tuna!  Pretty fancy haha. And then the Sister Training leaders called and said Happy thanksgiving.  Besides that, nothing happened.  
I remember Nick. That's so cool!  I love it when people are open to new things.  A lot of people are just afraid of things that are different.  
So, for the questions.  The most awkward moment I've had.  Well, I would probably say that it was when we were going to teach a recent convert of ours.  We usually teach them on their porch, which is actually pretty big, and then there were like 5 women, who I didn't know who they were, and they all were breast feeding their kids.  And then we had to wait on the porch for like 30 minutes to start the lesson with them there.  It's not awkward for them but it was pretty awkward for me haha.  Wayyy awkward.  But, actually I'm weirdly kind of getting used to it.  People don't use blankets here haha.  Its ridiculous. 
My favorite thing to eat here is just basically anything that is cold.  haha.  They have a lot of interesting flavors of ice cream here that is pretty interesting. Some of their most popular flavors are Ube, which is a purple sweet potato kind of thing, cheese flavor, pandan, which is a leaf, and a couple other weird one. But, my altime favorite thing to eat right now. is called buko ilonggo.  Its basically like a coconut smoothie thing.  It is sooo good.  I don't see why we don't have it in America.  I could make tons of money off a buko ilonggo stand in america.  
Yes, I still have to play piano in church.  I think I'm getting better too!
The scariest thing.  I honestly dont know.  Honestly, maybe its when we are walking at night, and then gay guys start like eyeing us up.  People here are crazy.  But, actually, I haven't experienced anything yet, but in the Philippines, Panay island is known for it being haunted.  A lot of ghost stories.  And there are a bunch of stories in the mission of weird stuff that has happened to missionaries.  Almost everybody here believes in monsters  our mga aswang, as we call it here. 
The toothpaste here is actually completely normal.  
The weather here is the same practically every day.  If its not raining, that is.  Sunny, and 75-85 degrees, id say.  Its way hot, and sometimes I wish i could have snow, just maybe for a couple hours only haha.  One thing that I miss in America.  A lot of the foods are stuff that I miss. 

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