Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015- Answangs and Testimony of Fasting

So every time that you tell me about the freezing weather, it totally catches me off guard. I keep forgetting that winter exists.  I feel bad for you all. About my package, I can't really think of anything that I want.  Thank you though!
Valentines Day here was pretty much nothing.  People celebrate it but there is hardly any decorations.  People were just saying happy valentines day.  A lot of the youth celebrate it.
I haven't eaten lunch yet and its 3 oclock here, so when I just read about Dad's stroganoff and cake and stuff.  It really hurt.  haha.  That sounds so good.  I will never complain about rice though because if I do, my life will be terrible.
I think it's really cool that you joined the community choir! You will have fun.  That's kind of funny that you share something from my emails in primary.  I gotta make sure I give some good stories.  haha.
So for your questions...
A common phobia that I think is so funny is the whole aswang thing.  I'm still not sure exactly what one is or what it looks like, but from my understanding it is kind of like a werewolf-vampire mix.  I think the direct translation is a monster.  But sooo many people believe in these things and claim to have seen them.  I love to get people started on these things.  I can just  be in a group of people and mention the word aswang and it will ignite a huge conversation about aswangs.  All of these stories of people running into them, places where they have been spotted lately.  We had one of our investigators who we visited us at night and then they wouldn't let us leave because it was a night when aswangs were out around the area.  haha.  I really love to ask kids about aswangs.  It just makes me laugh so hard.
My favorite day of this week was Sunday.  We fasted.  I am really starting to love fasting.  I just can feel the spirit so much more in my teaching.  Anyways, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.  I was kind of inspired to speak about how to recognize blessings from God.  I had fun doing that.  After church, the Bugasong Branch President came up to do some interviews.  We had 4 men interviewed and found worthy to recieve the Melchezidek Priesthood.  It made me so happy.  We are so close to becoming a branch.  We have district conference (Stake conference) at the end of this month, so they will receive it then.  I'm so happy for them!  As far as our work went, on Sunday, it was a little disappointing.  We had two families turn down invitations to be baptized.  One of the most frustrating things is to feel like you are explaining something clearly and you feel the Spirit, and then they don't understand, or they don't commit to doing an action.  I have memorized the hymn 240.  If you look, its called Know this that every soul is free.  I jokingly always kind of sing it to myself every time we get turned down.  It just basically says that you can't force the gospel on someone.  "God will force no man to heaven".  I like that haha.  All we do is invite the spirit, and invite the people.  We really don't have any control of how our work is.  I got to say, sometimes it is really easy to get down on yourself.  You put so much planning in for an investigator, you put all of your attention on them, and you have such high hopes, and then they don't accept.  It just is really hard sometimes, but it makes me feel good to know that I did my job.  Every night we report to the Lord in our night prayers on how well we did at our jobs.  Even though sometimes we don't have a lot of success to report, it still feels good.
For a funny story, hmm.  Last pday, we were walking when a member pulled us into a little side restaurant and ordered us a bunch of food.  It was super nice of her.  We started eating, and she had to leave, so we just sat there and finished up our food.  We were about to leave when the lady in the shop said that the food was unpaid for.  So, this sister brought us in and ordered all of this food for us and then ditched without paying. haha.  I thought it was just her being really nice. So, we paid for our food.  We were kind of laughing though because we couldn't believe that had just happened to us.  On Sunday, we talked to her and it turned out that it was actually the store that ripped us off.  They made us pay double.  We ended up getting our money back, so it was all just a misunderstanding, but for a while we felt a little burned haha.
For the coolest name that I've heard so far.  I would have to say that this little girl that comes to church sometimes with some members.  Her name is nice-nice.  Yes, nice-nice.  Some people have crazy names here.  I've heard off a MichealJordan or BenStiller, both just the first name haha. A lot of people have normal names, but some names, it is just like random syllables put together.
My favorite meal so far... Probably was on New Year's eve in San Jose. I can't remember what food it was, but I just remember that it was a LOT of food. There is a dessert here though that is so delicious.  It's called Mango float.  It is like layers of grahams and cream with fresh mangos on the top.  It is soo good.
I don't know any missionaries from England in the mission right now. And, we teach quite a bit of young adults.  The easiest people to teach are teenage girls, like ridiculously easy, but we try and avoid that as much as possible unless they are a referral, have really sincere desires, or we can teach their whole family.  I've been to some areas though where 90% of the investigators are teenage girls. It's not good haha.
I had two meetings in Iloilo this week so half my week was spent down there, but we were still able to get some good work in.
I hope you have a great week! I'll try and send some pictures!
Elder Robertson

Actually nevermind about the pictures.  We are in Sibalom because we have interviews with President Aquino tomorrow and I just realized I grabbed the wrong cord for my camera.  Sorry! Just look forward to next week!

The Culasi Elders with their "We're so cool" faces.

Stuart and some of his MTC batch mates

Stuart looking kind of studly on the bus

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