Monday, February 9, 2015

February 1st, 2015: Long Hike to Orsorio (First Trip)

Hey guys!  
I can guarantee that you all are watching the superbowl right now.  You are so lucky!  Anyways, things here are all good. By the way, I got a Christmas package from the young men at the branch! Thank you so much for the ugly ties in there! haha.  Also the white chocolate covered oreos were maybe the most delicious thing I've eaten in a while! I am in Sibalom right now.  Its by San Jose, but we are going to play basketball later today with their university team of antique.  It is so much fun.  They are actually pretty good.  They have like a 6'6'' Filipino too.  He is so tall haha.  It's just fun to play a team that is good. So, that's pretty much our day today!  Tomorrow, we have  zone conference in San Jose.  We have two new zone leaders right now.  They are really cracking the whip.  It's good, but its a shift of gear.  They called me like three times last night to talk about my district and our numbers that we reported this week.  They are going to help our zone a lot.  I'm excited to work with them!
This week, we had a pretty fun adventure.  A lot of the pictures that I sent to you were from a trip that we took to baranggay osorio.  This is easily the farthest that I have been into the mountains so far.  The reason we went out here was to contact a referral.  The walk there was pretty intense though.  Right in the heat of the day too.  My clothes, including my pants, were pretty well soaked with sweat by the time we got there (I had drank a ton of water in preperation).  We took a trike out to the base of the mountain and then hiked from there.  The hike was pretty intense.  Very steep, very hot, very long.  It was really fun though.  Elder Coronel enjoys our adventures as much as I do, so we had a good time.  Our referral ended up being the baranggay captain.  He was just recently assigned as their captain, so he was kind of on an "authority rush."  He made us sign this book.   Everybody whoever makes the hike out to their little baranggay has to sign the book.  haha it was kind of funny.  He also asked us for our preaching permits, which we got in the MTC, but I don't carry mine around, because I'm pretty much sure that no missionary is the mission history has ever been asked to show their missionary permit.  He still let us teach him, but it just kind of caught me off guard when he asked me for it.  It is really funny, because the next day, we taught another baranggay captain and he asked for it too.  Two days in a row... so crazy haha. 
Anyways, on our way out of osorio, we got stopped by a lady who invited us in for a drink of water, so we just used it as a teaching opportunity.  She fed us some tree roots that she was boiling.  Like, I really just think it was some tree roots that she just chopped off the tree outside her house.  But, I asked her what it was called, and she said some word that I forgot, so I asked her what it meant in English and she said it is called "root crap."  I laughed so hard, but she was totally serious.  It was pretty funny though.  I just looked over at Elder Coronel and said, I'm eating root crap right now haha. 
We taught this one lady this week for the first time.  She was so cautious to let us in because she thought for sure we were going to ask for money.  It took like a minute to convince her that we didn't want her money, so she let us in.  We started out teaching her.  After a couple minutes, she is just staring at me with a weird look, so I stop.  She says, I just don't understand why you are here.  You don't want my money, you just want to a share a message?  You don't have any income for what you do?  There has got to be something that you guys want from me.  I just tried to explain to her that we believe that we have God's full truth that can bring eternal blessings.  Wouldn't you want to share that too?  But, she just wouldn't buy it.  She said, oh, I know, you guys just want me to go to your church.  I just said, if you do what we ask you, read this and pray about it. If you learn that it is true, would you not want to come to our church?  She just looks at me for a while, and then says, no.  I couldn't believe it.  She just said, I have had so many preachers come to my house and say their church is true and I didn't start with them, why should I start with you guys?  I have been aglipayan since I was a kid, why should I change?  I just told her, all we are asking from you is to read this, and pray about it.  Will you do that?  No. Why?  Because.  It was like there was no reasoning with her.  It was pretty frustrating, but of course we were very polite to her. The other day, we ended up going to her veggie stand and I recognized her.  She ended up giving us a bunch of free food and thanking us for our time and kindness.  It was really kind of cool. I didn't know what to think of it.  Maybe right now, she is just not ready, but who knows, she could remember us for a while.  
We had one experience that was pretty funny too, that I want to tell you guys about. By the way, I'm re continuing this email right now because there was a brown out a while ago.  So, we had just got down teaching this one lesson with a family.  We were standing up getting ready to leave when the grandma starts thanking me and then asks me if we believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ.  I said yes, then she just says, oh thank goodness, I have to tell you about the dream I had about the second coming of Jesus Christ.  At that point, she just goes off on this dream that she had 14 years ago about how Jesus Christ made is second coming on Mt. Majaas.  She explained in crazy detail, about the texture of His skin, the color his sash was, how much he looked like he weighed.  So, it was a little weird, but while this was happening, Elder Coronel is behind me and whispering in my ear about how he has the runs and how we need to leave right now, but obviously we can't do that because this lady is telling me about her prophetic dream of the second coming of Christ, but he just keeps talking into my ear, even though I'm listening to this old lady.  He is just saying the most ridiculous stuff about how he thinks he is going to go in his pants and stuff, so I start to get the giggles and then this lady is thinking that I'm mocking her dream.. Anyways, she gets done telling me the story and then starts showing me videos of her naked 3 year old grand kid playing in a river.  I feel bad trying to leave and then Coronel just keeps telling me that he is going to poop his pants.  It was pretty funny!
I hope you guys are having a good time in WI!
Elder Robertson

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