Thursday, February 5, 2015

September 25th,2014: Arrived Safe and Sound in Iloilo

The president asked me that I email you guys to just quickly let you know that Im in Iloilo and I'm fine.  They wanted me to express their appreciation to my family, so there it is.  It is so exciting to be here!  Yesterday morning I found out my trainer and my first area.  My companion is Elder Boligao from Manila, and he is way cool.  He's pretty funny, and just really so much fun so far.  My area is in Culasi which is about half way up the island on the western side, with all of the mountains.  It's so beautiful here.  Elder Boligao said that I am so lucky to be assigned here because everybody wants to come here because it's so beautiful at this part of the island and they also always send really experienced missionaries here, never new guys.  Our apartment is....interesting.... Definetly not home.  I'll have to send you some pictures on Monday, which is our P day.  So, I've found out that the electricty just randomly goes out, sometimes for days.  Also, I will be taking bucket showers! I took my first one this morning... not too bad.  The toilet doesn't flush so we just have to dump water down it.  There are also quite a few rats, spiders, and cockroaches, as I have found out.  So, you guys are going to love the pictures. I'll give you a more detailed report on Monday.  We actually have another companionship in our apartment, and their both really nice.  One is Pinoy and the other is American.   All three of them are almost done with their mission, so I lack a little experience.  In my area they mostly speak Karay-a... also a bit of Ilonggo, and Tagalog. They just kind of mix them all up, so... wish me luck with learning them all .  I can't hardly understand a thing anyone is saying.  We are about to go to our actual first appoinment.  Today was spent traveling to San Jose to have interviews with the President and his wife and then a bit of shopping, so I'm super excited!  Anyways, I'll email you guys on Monday... I think...
Halong, Elder Robertson

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