Thursday, February 5, 2015

November 10th, 2014: Exciting News from Home & the First Shower in Months

I can't believe the news in the family.  Ignore my question about what Paula's baby is named.  Whoops.  And yes I did meet his girlfriend, but I can't remember her name right now...yep, can't remember.  And then Uncle Mark to Algoma? Why is he moving?  That's so cool though!
By the way, Happy birthday Oliver!  I remembered your birthday.  I was writing in my journal and dated in Nov 7, and I just thought, wait, Nov 7, what's that?  Oh wait, its Olivers birthday!  Congrats on your all-star basketball game too. 
It made me so happy when you told me about the Packers Bears game haha.  So happy...  It also made me kind of laugh about the little tidbit thing.  The game is such a blow out that their just throwing out interesting facts haha.  
The Connor story is hilarious too.  Hahah.  That's so funny! Connor, just chill about your hair haha!  The barbers here are kind of interesting.  I don't really know any of the words to describe how I want my hair cut either, so.  I just kind of half to adjust to whatever they give me haha.  But seriously, the Connor story,  thats way funny haha.  
About Avalon, it's way fun.  We actually way fun.  We played it again last night because we stayed in the zone leaders house in san jose for zone conference tomorrow.  But, yeah, its so intense.  Especially when you are playing with Filipinos.  They get so wound up.  It makes me giggle just thinking about it last night.  Another game that is way fun is called something light One Night Werewolf.  Both are way fun.  Werewolf is more complex than avalon.  
Ok, so for the branch package thing.A couple things that I have craved since I've been here is maple syrup and honey  I really have no idea what I need though.  Not toiletries or anything.  I'm good on that.  I almost couldn't find anywhere to get toilet paper, but I found a place haha, so I'm good on that.  But, yeah.  I have no idea what I need!  . I never think of anything like that haha.  There's no time to worry about myself.   So, right now, Transfer day is on December 17.  I'm almost positive I'll be getting a new companion then but I'm not sure.  If you want to put something in for Boligao, that would be cool. I can still get it to him and I think he would appreciate it.  He is done in March with his mission. 
By the way, How is the branch doing? Hows the missionary work coming down there?  Any temple trips?  Any families moving in?  Any new callings? Getting a new building in the future? Our little group is doing well.  We only had about 50 at church this week though.  Usually its closer to 60.  We had the Bugasong Branch President at church though because we had members renewing their temple recommends and also one who is recieving the priesthood and one who is becoming a teacher.  We also got our paperwork to become a branch. We are all very excited.  
We didn't have any baptisms this week and only have 1 new investigator, so it was kind of a down week, but all our current converts and investigators are all doing pretty well.  
We had a change in lineup with our district this week. Elder Kimball ended up getting transfered to Monduriao in Iloilo as a zone leader, so Elder Kellerstrass's new companion is Elder Gan, from Manila.  Also Elder Guzmans new companion is Elder Comilang, also from Manila.  So now, Kellerstrass and I are the only white guys.  So the official language of our district is Tagalog... it kind of sucks, but I guess I'll be learning Tagalog now, so I can understand what is going on in our district.  When Kimball was transferring, Elder Kellerstrass had no companion, so of course, they thought it would be funny to put the two new, American Elders together.  So we worked together for a day.  It actually wasn't too bad.  We taught two lessons in my area, then went to his area and got punted three times before we had to come home (when your out in the provinces, you have to come back before 7 or chances are, your not going to get a ride back).  And punted meant that we had a lesson lined up, but it didn't work out.  It was so funny when we were telling the members that Kimball left.  There was one member who I thought was going to have an emotional breakdown when we told him haha.  People love the missionaries too much here.  
Yesterday, I also got to go on splits with James Miyagi, who is filling out his mission papers right now, and Diosa who is a teenage girl who is going to be baptized on the 22nd.  We ended up getting punted twice, so I didn't really know where to go after that. I ended up deciding to go visit a family who said that we could come back and teach them.  The only thing is that it was really far away.  It was way further than I remember it being.  So, we actually didn't have that much time.  So, we ended up walking for 2 and a half hours, getting lost in the mountains, and then coming back.  haha.  It was a pretty unproductive day.  At least I know my area better now though haha. We ended up somewhere I've never been..  They were both dying from walking so far (and on rocky roads too), but I'm already used to walking pretty far every day.  They were complaining so much.  It was pretty funny though.  I only felt bad for Diosa because it was her first time working with us and her shoes were definetly not made for walking.  Oh well, I'm pretty sure I scarred her though haha.  
Yeah but I really have to write about my shower I had after basketball this morning.  I took a shower with an actually shower head!!!  And it had water pressure!! My first one since I've been here.  It was still freezing cold but it felt so good after playing ball in the heat for 2 hours.  I also just ate french toast and a vanilla mango smoothie.  I'm having a good day hahah.  
Anyways, if anybody has any questions for me, go ahead and shoot. You will probably get a better email from me if you ask questions haha. 
Have a great week!
Elder Robertson

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