Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week #6 of the MTC

Well, i leave tomorrow morning! i bought one of those phone cards, so ill be calling you tomorrow morning. We have to be leaving the mtc at 6 am. Theres a rumor going around that were stopping in oregon too, but im not sure. just to let you know, the shift key is not really working on this key board, so forgive me for that.
we get to do laundry right now, so i also get to email, which is kind of nice.
just to let you know im going to try and activate my card at the airport, and then ill give it a test drive on some food or something.

its been another great week! last night, our devotional speaker was elder scott! i was so glad we got to hear an apostle before we left. it was such a powerful experience though. we always sing hymns before each devotional. we were in the middle of singing press forward saints... i think... when elder scott walked in. instantly, everybody stood and then the singing got like 3 times louder. it was so cool. he ended up speaking on prayer though. i thought he was the perfect person to speak to us on that too, so it was great. i just have to say that he is looking pretty old. i dont know how much longer we will have him. We had a district devotional review afterwards, we combined with another departing district as well and had our branch president and his wife join us as well. we all went around and shared our thoughts and what we learned from the devotional. it seemed to me that elder scott's devotional could have been the greatest spiritual experience for everyone.

the only thing that hasnt been great about this week is that i've been sick. i caught something. i have a sore throat and a stuffed up face, its not very fun. Elder chapman gave me a blessing though last night. i still don't super great, but i can feel my energy levels are up. its crazy, when there's sickness going around the mtc, everyone has got it. in our devotional, you could just here tons of coughing and sniffing. it was kind of ridiculous actually haha. oh, and ive had a couple of bloody noses this week. i had one at 3:20 one morning and it bled for a whole hour, so that was fun too.

this week i have been trying to finish the book of mormon. a couple days ago i realized i was only like 200 pages away from reading the whole thing here in the mtc, so now ive been reading so much to try and fit it in, but i think im going to have to adjust my goal to finishing it before i reach the philippines. im only like 90 pages out, but ive have way too much to do before i leave the mtc. i remember in my setting apart that i was blessed with a better understanding of the scriptures, and the ability to remember where scriptures are. i really can feel this. i've learned so much from reading it. it also really helps for me to keep a study journal to write down any personal revelation and also to just make a small summary of what I read to ensure that i am understanding and retaining information.

it is so crazy that were actually going out to the field! I feel like ive been here for an eternity. i can honestly hardly even remember life in wisconsin. its so weird. i never thought id see the day when i leave here. haha. im so excited though, but also very nervous. the language is going to kick my but, especially because ill probably end up having to learn a new dialect right away. i just hope not aklanon. thats the tough one apparently, but im just really excited to experience real life again! it will definelty be weird leaving america though. i just cant really imagine my life in the philippines. ive never left america! its so fun to hear our teachers stories though. they have a lot of really crazy stories, and even some scary ones that i probably shouldn't tell you about haha.

one question. what is johns filipino martial arts called again, i cannot remember! thanks, and tell him to shoot me an email!

well, i look forward to talking with all of you tomorrow! im so excited. this might be one of the more exciting moments of my life. Love you all.

Elder Robertson

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