Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th, 2015: Second Hike to Osorio, Only to Get Punted

This week has been pretty great.  We have had some interesting experiences haha.  
We took another trip out to Osorio with Aileen Blancia.  It was really hot that day, so it was a pretty brutal hike.  I also had a pretty big gash on the side of my foot from last p-day from playing basketball in flipflops, so it didn't feel too good to hike up that mountain.  We timed the hike this time. From the base of the mountains, it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes. (Elder Kellerstrass says hi.)  When we were getting pretty close, we saw this kid sitting on a bag of rice in the path, so we took a water break and started talking to this kid. Apparently, its his job to go down into the rice fields, bag some rice, and then carry it up the mountain to Osorio.  I would say this kid was like 14 years old and maybe 60-70 lbs.  The bag of rice he was carrying was 25 kilograms which is pretty much as much as he weighs. I couldn't believe how terrible his job was haha.  So, I told him I was going to carry that bag of rice for him.  I only carried it about a third of the way he has to carry it and I was dying. It is so hot and the bag is pretty heavy haha!  Tell the kids about this kid next time they complain about doing chores haha! That kid carries bags of rice up a mountain in the Filipino sun every day!  
Anyways, we got up to Osorio, and we went to teach our investigator(This is the second time we have taught them).  The father in the family is the baranggay captain.  We got up there and he is sitting there with some buddies playing cards.  He started to tell us that we couldn't be there because we didn't have a municipal permit to be there.  We showed him our little card that gives us permission to be official representatives of the church and permission from the national government, but apparently that wasn't enough for him.  It was pretty obvious that it was more of a matter of him not wanting us to teach his family more than us not having permission to be there.  It was so frustrating because while we were trying to talk to him, he didn't once look up from his game of cards to talk to us.  We had also just hiked an hour and a half up a mountain and then he just kicks us out.  On our way out, I called our zone leaders just to make sure I wasn't crazy that we don't need a permit.  They were pretty outraged that that happened to us. They told us to just go back because there was nothing that the baranggay capitan could do about it, but I just told them that he was the father of the family that we went to teach, so it probably wasn't going to work out anyways haha.  We call it getting "punted"  when you go for an appointment, and then you get "punted".  That day was probably the worst punting I've ever got.  Walking up a mountain and then getting punted from the whole village haha.  Just to let you know, I got pretty burned that day and had the worst line from my neck collar. 
What else... Yesterday, I was talking with a lady who is apparently from Malalison Island.  She told me that on Saturday that over 50 Americans went to Malalison Island. She also said that most of them were girls! haha.  It is really crazy to see a white woman.  I've only seen 3 on my mission so far.  Yesterday I saw one get on a bus in Malacanang and then I talked to that lady, so I figured she was in that group that went to Malalison.  
So to answer the questions because I just got your email
I would say that I wash my sheets once every month. I just wash everything as little as possible because I hate laundry so much! It takes so long!
I would say that my most frustrating experience so far was the one above, about the baranggay captain kicking us out.  That one was pretty frustrating
So for a funny story... There is this kid that lives somewhere between our two apartments that really hates Elder Coronel. Like really really doesn't like him.  Its funny because its not for any aparant reason either. Anyways, this kid is maybe 10-12 years old and is really chubby haha.  We walk by where he hangs out a lot.  He always yells at Elder Coronel to give him all of his money.  One day we were talking to someone and he walks up to Elder Coronel and starts telling him to give him some money.  Elder Coronel is just ignoring him.  Then the kid just punches Elder Coronel.  Elder Coronel turns around and the kid is just is kind of like, "What? What? What are you going to do about it?"  Its just so funny because Elder Coronel hates that kid too, but he can't too anything to him.  That time when the kid punched him kind of started out a not so good relationship between the two. Yesterday, we were walking by and the kid sees Elder Coronel and just rips down his shorts, moons him, and shakes his butt at him.  Really not appropriate, but so funny.  I laughed pretty hard. 
I haven't seen too many fancy cars.  In fact, I can't remember any.  I have seen some pretty cool motorcycles though. 
I may or may not still bite my nails. 

We had a really great day yesterday actually.  We had church in the morning, and then had a great day of work.  We visited one of our investigators who we challenged to pray about the book of Mormon.  He said when he prayed, he was just overcome with the most powerful feeling.  He says he collapsed on the ground and was almost paralyzed for almost an hour because of the overwhelming spirit he felt.  It was really powerful for us to hear that.  It got us so pumped to have someone KNOW that the book of mormon is true.  This was really exciting for us because we have so many investigators that struggle to pray with sincerity, and therefore its hard for them to recieve answers.
As far as my package goes.  I can't really think of anything specific that I need. Thank you!
The package that I got was from the young men I think.  It had letters from the young men, a bunch of ties, skittles, oreos, muddy budies, and some jelly beans.  Was that the one from the branch?
And what is thicke?
I hope you all have a great week!

A weird seaweed dinner

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