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November 3rd, 2014: Fiesta in the Cemetary and Culasi Trying to Become a Branch

Ang Panimalay ko!

Hello! Hows it going in Gomerville! haha.  I'm doing great.  I just got back from playing a couple hours of basketball in the blazing heat, so I'm way tired and sore, but I feel great.  And if dad could send the music on a flash drive, that would be great.  sd card would be the second best.  And yeah, for the pictures, I think a flash drive would be good.  You guys are so lucky for having Day light savings.  We don't have anything like that around here, but it is weird because its always dark by 6 o clock.  I think our day light savings for missionaries should be to move our schedule two hours earlier because pretty much everyone is asleep by 7 and we work till 9, so its kinda tough for those last two hours.  It doesn't really make sense to me, but whatever.  The president has the keys! haha.  
It was halloween here too except nothing really happened.  Everybody knew what it was, but nobody really does anything for it though.  Elder Boligao says that its way big in Manila though.  They kind of had their own holiday for Halloween though, and I thought this was way funny.  On November one, its a holiday where they all go and visit their dead in their family in the cemetery.  Translate this to Pinoy language and this means that they have a fiesta in the cemetery.  They had the cemetery all decked out with party decoration and had like hip hop music blasting so loud.  And then they had like disco lights all over, and then a bunch of alcohol.  I thought it was way funny.  They just party in the cemetery.  Elder Boligao said in Manila everybody is very solemn and sad on that day, but not in Culasi! haha.  It was ridiculous.  Our meeting house/Elders Kimball and Kellerstrass's apartment is right across from the cemetery, and we had a group FHE that night there, so we couldn't hardly hear each other and their house was practically shaking. 
Elder Anderson left yesterday.  He is touring the mission for a couple weeks though with his parents.  It was so weird because his parents actually met up with us at the FHE the night before. It was soo weird to have his parents there though.  They were way nice, but if you guys were here in Culasi, I don't know, it would just be soo weird, if you get what I'm saying haha.  After sacrament meeting they met up with us in our apartment to grab Elder Anderson's stuff.  We chatted with them for a while there.  It was so fun to talk with some other Americans thought who were new to the Philippines.  I laughed so hard because their first impressions were pretty much exactly mine when I first got to the island.  They road the bus here, and their reaction to the crazy drivers was sooo funny.  "Yeah, I just couldn't believe it you know?  The drivers here are insane!  I just couldn't believe we didn't kill someone with that bus or at least get in a crash.  I just can't believe I didn't see a crash on our way here.  They just honk their horns at all the dogs and the people  and they don't slow down, if they don't get out of the way they just plow them over(reffering to the dogs)  I just can't get over it!"  or something like that.  It was so funny.  My first bus ride I was gripping the seat in front of my so tight.  haha.  Yeah, but Elder Guzman is coming with us for the next couple days because he doesn't have a companion. 
I asked Elder Boligao if he knows a Elder Parker, and he said no, but it might be Elder Anderson.  His first name is Parker. And those two have either been companions or apartment mates for the last 10 months.  They were zone leaders together for 6 months.  
I can't believe that about my fish tank! maybe all the chemicals in their are all starting to settle into their equilibrium or whatever.  Maybe you could send a pic of it?  thats funny.  have you bought any new fish.  We have recent converts who we teach who have a ton of fish tanks and they always want to talk to me about mine, but I keep telling mine that mine was way crappy and not salt water!  It's funny though.  
I have never seen dad's car.  Maybe you could send me a picture of that too!  That's funny  though.  Chloe's reaction... haha.  
We actually just got our paperwork today to turn our group into a branch!  I'm way excited and the Culasi saints I know have been looking forward to this for a while.  They always talk about it in their talks and testimonies.  The only thing is that we may need a couple more faithful priesthood holders.  We struggle with tithing too, but we actually had a ton of people pay tithes and fast offerings yesterday, so we were pretty excited!  
We had a trainer/trainee meeting this week so we were in Iloilo for 2 days for that.  Sometimes I really wonder if those meetings are worth our time because we have to spend so much time traveling.  The trainings we recieved too were ok,  but everybody I talked thought they were all a little weird.  I don't know, we just have so much work to do in Culasi that sometimes I resent making those huge all-day meetings.  I actually really enjoyed getting to see everyone from my batch though.  It was pretty funny to get some of their reactions to the area.  Some of them are really homesick too.  Hopefully they all stick it out though!  
Last night we had a Philippines broadcast from Manila that we had to watch in San Jose. Elder Oaks was presiding.  We got there a bit late but early enough to catch the last two talks.  including Elder Oaks talk.  I thought it was great to hear the apostle talk to the Philippines specifically.  
I'm actually in San Jose right now.  and I forgot my camera cord again, soooo, but I actually didn't have that many pictures to send to you.  I was just going to send you some pics of the Culasi banwa market on market day. I'll send them maybe in the middle of the week or just next week.  
By the way, we can't accept any of your friend requests on FB, but it doens't matter if you look at our page, by the way if you can see Elder Sessions fb page.  He posted maybe one of the most epic selfies of all time.  I laughed so hard when I saw it.  or maybe it was just so funny because I'm in the Philippines and I'm cut off from all entertainment.  But, yeah its funny.  And actually, a lot  of things that I didn't like before in America, are good now.  Like skittles.  Elder Kimball got a package last night.  I can't believe I'm saying this but skittles are delicious! haha.  I don't know what the Philippines are doing to me.  
By the way, if you were wondering, the official game of the Antique zone is avalon.  When we get together with other missionaries we always play it and I think it is way fun.  You should look it up.  It gets pretty intense haha.  
Anyways.  I'm doing fine.  I'm really loving it here and I love being I missionary.  I'm really just trying to work hard and forget myself. I miss you all! have a good week. I hope to get to hear from all of you next week! 
(Some crazy pictures of everyone playing a game where the looser has to mark their face with charcoal.)

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